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10 Amazing Battery Lifehacks You Should Know

Does it seem like your smartphone is always stuck on low battery? Here are the best battery lifehacks, both for the long haul, and when in the most desperate situations.

Anyone who owns a smartphone understands the struggle of trying to save battery life when on the go. We all can't be fortunate enough to have the best iPhone battery charging cases, best wireless chargers, or best portable charger for our gadgets, let alone have them when we need them. So many different factors can affect the battery life of our phones that we are unaware; but if you get familiar with some basic battery lifehacks, we can save battery and improve our battery life for the future. If you’re noticing certain things drain your battery, try these tips and tricks, and see if they help.

Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Many people don’t realize that on the iPhone, your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are constantly running until you manually go into your settings to turn them off. One of the best battery lifehacks to save battery life is to know this tip. Even if you swipe up into your control panel to turn off your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, it will not actually turn them off completely—it will simply stop connecting to the current connections you are on. This will continue to drain your battery as your phone looks for new connections. To turn your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections off, you must go into settings. Remember this the next time you want to save battery life.

Activate grayscale.

If you want to save battery life, a great hack is to activate grayscale on your phone. In dire situations, you can use your phone in black and white so that your phone does not have to drain your battery while trying to operate in full color. While this isn’t a desirable way to use your smartphone all the time, it will be helpful when you’re in a situation where a charger is not nearby, and you want to save battery for as long as possible.

Reduce brightness.

Like operating your phone in grayscale, a great battery hack is to reduce your brightness to as low as possible when your phone is on low power, so that your phone can save battery life until you can get to a charger and power up. When your phone is in low brightness, it won’t have to use as much battery power to operate. The light in your phone drains your battery, so keep this in mind next time you are desperate to save battery.

Set auto-lock to one minute or less.

Sometimes, when using your phone, you forget to lock it afterwards. Your phone may just sit next to you wide awake, using unnecessary power as you go about your day. Change the auto-lock settings on your phone to one minute or less, so that your phone locks faster when you aren’t using it. This way, you save battery life and don’t waste any power unless it is necessary.

Turn Siri off.

When Siri lurks in the background of your iPhone at all times, you are going to drain your battery, because this is a constant application that runs across multiple other applications. Siri is working through your phone to help you, but at the same time, is draining your battery. Siri is a luxury that you don’t need, especially when your power is low and a charger is not in sight.

Disable location services.

Location services on your smartphone can drain your battery significantly without you being aware of it. Each application on your phone has specific location services settings. You can customize these settings separately or disable location services for your phone completely to save battery life. This battery lifehack is very helpful when your phone is in desperate need of some extra power. Your phone uses a lot of battery through its GPS, so if you disable this feature, you can save yourself a lot of time while you look for a charger.

Remember to close apps in the background.

This is a hack that many people are now aware of, but if you don’t know, now you know. Make sure to close applications that are running in the background of your smartphone! On the iPhone, simply double click the home button, and you will see all the running applications. Swipe up to close each individual app. Leaving apps open can significantly drain your battery, so this is an excellent hack to know!

Use low power mode.

On the iPhone, your phone will alert you when it hits below 20 percent battery life. At this point, it will ask if you want to continue in regular mode or go into low power mode. Of course, when you are at this low level of battery, it is very important to go into low power mode. However, a great battery lifehack to use if you know you’re going to be away from your charger for a while is to go into low power mode long before you hit that 20 percent danger zone.

Turn off push notifications.

Having notifications on for every single one of your smartphone apps can drain your battery because your phone is constantly having to remind you of every update that an app has. This means your phone is constantly lighting up and active. A smart hack to be aware of is to turn off push notifications for apps that you do not care to be notified of. This way, your phone is not draining your battery for things that aren’t as important. Save your battery life for the things that really matter to you!

Use airplane mode when possible.

When you are extremely desperate to save your battery life, consider going into airplane mode. This will turn off your cellphone data, and drastically reduce your battery usage. You can still use Wi-Fi when in airplane mode, so it won’t make your phone completely useless. Airplane mode is a great way to save battery life and cell phone data all in one.

All of these battery lifehacks are excellent tools to save battery on a daily basis, and when your phone is on its last bit of life. Keep them in mind because you never know when you might need a boost!

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10 Amazing Battery Lifehacks You Should Know
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