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10 Christmas Hacks

Here are some hacks for this holiday season!

Christmas is about spending time with family and friends, being grateful, and having fun. However, thing like decorating and budgeting can be difficult. So I am just naming a few Christmas hacks that might be able to help you when Christmas comes around. These are meant to make this year's Christmas a lot easier on you.

  1. Make a list of things you are going to get people and look over it a few times to make sure you know they will like it. This is helpful because you don't want the receiver to think you don't know them and you want them to actually like it.
  2. Make the list on Google Sheets or similar programs so that you can do an area for the gift, the person receiving it, and how much it is going to cost. This will keep you organized this holiday season.
  3. Don’t spend a bunch of money on wrapping paper and bows when you can get a roll of brown wrapping paper, twine/festive string, and a cheap pack of Christmas foliage to make a presentable gift. All you need to do is wrap the present in the twine or string after it is wrapped with the paper. Then stick a small piece of the Christmas foliage under the twine/string. There you go, you have a cute and simple looking present that the receiver will absolutely love. This technique will be perfect for someone who likes simple things and nature.
  4. Once Christmas is over, just place your ornaments in plastic cups and the smaller ornaments in egg cartons. Placing the ornaments in the cups and egg cartons will protect them and keep them from rolling around all over. After, put them all in a box together for next year.
  5. Wrap your Christmas lights around a hanger to keep them from getting tangled throughout the year.
  6. Paint and decorate the plastic wrap and aluminum foil boxes and then put bite-sized snacks in there to keep them in good shape.
  7. To get a cute and simple nail art, all you need is a piece of tape! First, do a normal nail with a topcoat and add two pieces of tape in the shape of a triangle. Then a few thin pieces of tape going in random ways across your triangle. Paint over them and take the tape off before it dries and then wait for them to dry. There you go, cute and simple nails that are perfect for the holiday season. With these nails, people will think that it was super difficult to do and you probably had to go to a salon. This hack is perfect if you're not very good at nail art but you still want to have fancy nails for a good price.
  8. Use double-sided tape when wrapping to make it look like you didn’t use any at all. Sometimes when we are wrapping up the presents, they can tend to look a little messy with pieces of tape all over the gift. Using the double-sided tape it will make the present look clean with no tape showing. All you need to do is place the double-sided tape under or on the part you want to tape and press down.
  9. Make use of your Christmas cookie cutters by using them on your brownies to make fun shapes that people will enjoy.
  10. Too lazy to put frosting in a plastic bag? Well, you can just use condiment containers to make decorating baked goods a lot easier. Using the condiment containers will give you more control of the frosting. This will help your designs come out even nicer than using a plastic bag.

I hope a few of these can be helpful this season!

Photo: Pinterest

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10 Christmas Hacks
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