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10 Closet Organization Lifehacks

These top ten closet organization lifehacks will make your life feel much less chaotic.

The closet is one of the hardest places in the home to organize. Storing your clothes, shoes, jackets, jewelry, and bags, there must be a place for everything, but sometimes this isn't so easy, especially if your closet isn't so big. 

These are the top ten best closet organization lifehacks that will transform your space. You don't need a huge walk-in closet to feel organized. And with these tips, you will be able to clean up with ease, find your items in seconds, and just feel more put together in general. 

Add as many extra rods as you can.

To start off our list of the best closet organization lifehacks, we had to mention the incredible organizing power of extra clothing rods. The perfect way to begin your closet makeover, the 320 Sycamore Blog has a step by step instructional on how to take advantage of the dead space in your closet.

She placed two rods on each side of the closet that was not being taken advantage of. The rods allowed her to place the clothing facing out, this way they did not take up any extra space that would clash with the rest of her storage. An easy fix, and something that will save her the space of over 20 items of clothing, this DIY is a great way to transform your space. 

S-Hooks are your new best friend.

Simply Spaced is the mastermind behind our next lifehack. As one of the best closet organization lifehacks, S-hooks are your new best friend for anything difficult to hang. Super affordable, and incredibly versatile, S-hooks are adjustable and can hang on multiple types of rods and rails. 

Hang your purses, umbrellas, hats, belts, towels, jeans, you name it! S-hooks take up little to no space and are as easy to hang as a typical hanger. We're not sure why everyone doesn't have a set of these in their closet, they just make life easier. 

Use shower rings or clothespins to make storing scarves easier.

While discovering some of the best closet organization tips, we found that there are a bunch of hacks for scarves. Though we're not quite sure why scarves are so hard to organize, we found the best option to do so.

Created by All Women Stalk, they suggest either adding shower rings to a hanger, or gluing on some clothes pins to store your scarves. Shower rings are certainly the easy way to do this and will hold all of your scarves in one convenient space. Clothespins will do the same, and they will look a little more put together, and DIY-esque. 

Learn the right way to fold T-shirts.

All Day Chic thankfully has helped us learn the correct way to fold T-shirts, to take advantage of the space you have, and make your drawers look 10 times more organized. As one of the best closet organization lifehacks, she takes us through the six steps necessary to fold and store each T-shirt. 

For those of you who use drawers to store the majority of your clothing, this tip will create double the amount of storage you already have. first, fold the shirt diagonally, then close the sleeves under, and then fold the shirt in half, and then in half again. You will then store your shirts stacked on top of each other, and you're done!

Label your drawers.

If you have a lot of stuff, which we're assuming you do if you're looking at organization hacks, this tip is meant just for you. A lifehack by BHG, labeling your drawers is a simple concept, but will make your organization easier as well as your morning routine easier.

Simply label the front of each drawer with what's inside, for example, jewelry, lingerie, socks, makeup, etc. This will allow you to designate a spot for each of your items, and keep it this way, making cleaning up your closet easy. 

Roll-out shelves will double your storage.

Houzz suggests including roll-out shelves in your storage, to maximize your space instantly. You'll have to first measure your space, but finding the perfect size shelf is not hard. We suggest trying out Home Depot's shelves, they're easy to install on your own and provide the perfect amount of storage. 

As one of the best closet organization lifehacks, these shelves can be added to the small closet in your bathroom, your closet, your kitchen, or anywhere you need the extra space. And for only about $70, they will provide double the amount of storage to your space. 

Create your own jewelry organizer.

Jewelry is never easy to organize, especially when they so easily get tangled within each other. So to avoid this frustrating problem, Shanty-2-Chic has come up with the ultimate DIY jewelry organizer.

A beautiful addition to any closet, she created it all by herself, and so can you. If you don't have the time, energy, or creativity as someone like Shanty-2-Chic, then you can always invest in a jewelry organizer or vanity like the one from Bed Bath and Beyond. Providing three large trays, 24 hooks, 50 earring slots, and folds for 84 rings, this armoire is the perfect jewelry organizer for every accessory lover. 

Bookshelves might not just be meant for books.

Next, on our list of the best closet organization lifehacks comes from DIY n Crafts. A perfect shoe organizer, bookshelves might not just be meant for books. Great for organizing just about anything you need, your shoe collection has found its new home with a simple bookshelf installation. 

Built it into your wall to save space, and provide the perfect storage solution for your shoes, or at least the ones you want to keep on display.  

Pool noodles will help your boots stand up.

The Krazy Coupon Lady has come up with one of the most fun ways to prop up your boots in your closet. If you have a pool, you're in luck, and even if you don't pool noodles are easy to find on Amazon or even Home Depot in bulk.

Take your pool noodle, and chop it in half. Now, you've got two perfect boot holders that will easily fill out each of your shoes in seconds. Cut them to the size of your boots, and you can easily store and display your boots while also preventing wrinkling. 

Add hot glue to the tops of your hangers to prevent clothing from slipping off.

The Shabby Creek Cottage has our last tip on our list of the best closet organization lifehacks. A simple concept, but one that will save you lots of trouble in the future, everyone can understand the struggle of clothing easily slipping off the sides of your hangers. This is especially true for silky or thin shirts. 

But with a bit of hot glue, this problem will be solved. Simply add a wiggle of the glue on each side of the hanger, and wait for it to dry. Once done, it will provide a grip to even your slipperiest clothing items. 

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