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10 Lifehacks to Use While Driving That Will Save You Money

If you're driving around on a budget, here are some of the best lifehacks to use while driving you can put into effect today that will save you money in the car!

Driving can get expensive in the world today, where gas prices are constantly rising and car maintenance seems to be insanely overpriced, especially because so many of our cars and car parts are imported. However, with the right car lifehacks, you can conserve gas, save money, and keep your car on the road and running longer. Here are some lifehacks to use while driving that will save you money. You don’t need driving school to learn the basics. These helpful hints will make every mpg count!

Choose the shortest route.

One of the best lifehacks to use while driving if you’re trying to conserve gas and save money is to always choose the shortest route. Think ahead about timing and strategy. Are you driving home in the middle of rush hour? Are you going to hit a lot of stop lights and use a lot of gas in stop and go traffic? The best lifehacks involve thinking ahead and planning. Choose the shortest route that will get you home the fastest, but also take into consideration timing and gas use as well.

Use A/C sparingly.

Your car’s air conditioner is a huge consumer of gas, which is why in cold weather, you may be able to save on gas if you use both your air conditioning and heat sparingly. One of the best car lifehacks to use while driving is to keep your air conditioner use to a minimum so you can conserve gas at all costs and make every mpg count.

Utilize cruise control.

Changing speed on the highway will cost you money. One great lifehack to you while driving is to put your car in cruise control when on the highway, because whether you notice it or not, with your foot on the pedal, you are constantly accelerating and decelerating. If you use cruise control, your car will stay at a consistent speed and it will conserve gas in the process. This is also a much safer way to drive, so you have two added benefits to using cruise control on the highway. No driving school necessary for this helpful tip!

Check your tire pressure regularly.

If your tire pressure is too low, your car will have to work harder to make its way down the road. One of the best car lifehacks to use while driving to save money and conserve gas is to check your tire pressure regularly. Especially in cold weather, tire pressure can fluctuate frequently without warning. Fill your tires whenever they’re low so that your car can run smoothly and efficiently on the road. You should also consider snow tires to get you through the winter that need refilling less often.

Find the cheapest gas.

Keep your gas tank full always so then when you do need gas, you have the time to look for the cheapest gas. Most gas stations positioned right off the highway are the most expensive, because they know travelers are bound to stop there first. If you utilize a phone app for cheap gas prices and navigate to the cheapest one in your area, you can save a lot of money on gas each time you fill up. This is one of the best car lifehacks to use while driving. When buying a car, also consider what cars have the best gas mileage so you're going less in the first place.

Be a patient driver.

A great lifehack to use while driving for both saving money and for safety reasons is to always be a patient driver. Accelerating past other cars and slamming on your brakes is unsafe and will only cause you to lose money in the long run. Driving in this abrupt manner does not conserve gas and it puts unnecessary pressure on your car which can lead to extra maintenance in the future. By being a patient driver and accelerating and decelerating gradually, you will stay safe and have more money in your pocket. 

Don’t drive with extra weight.

If you’re carrying around extra luggage in your trunk or a heavy rack on the top of your car that you aren’t utilizing, you could be wasting money on gas every day! A great lifehack to use while driving is to get rid of this extra weight! Your car will conserve gas if it doesn’t need to lug around these unnecessary items for every mile of every day. Remember, every mpg counts. Don’t let them go to waste on stationary items. Get where you need to go, and leave the junk at home.

Don’t have lead feet!

A bad habit that many of us have as drivers is to put our pedal to the metal when driving. We constantly have heavy feet when accelerating and feel the need to floor it. Like the tip above about being a patient driver, a great lifehack to use while driving is to learn to be gentle on your car’s pedals. Brake and accelerate more gently so that you conserve gas and keep your car maintenance free!

Service your car.

Another way to keep your car from needing maintenance is to, of course, give it maintenance regularly! All cars need tender love and care. If you don’t give your car the proper care it needs, it will surely cost you a lot more money down the road. So, one of the most important care lifehacks to use while driving is to service your car.

Ride share.

The best car lifehack to use while driving to save money is simply to ride share as much as possible! You will conserve gas and save miles on your car as well. Ride sharing is helpful for everyone involved and it is a great lifehack for safety, money, and even for the environment. Consider setting up a ride share with coworkers for your morning commute.

These car lifehacks are great ideas to conserve gas and conserve the lifespan of your car. If you incorporate some of these habits into your daily routine, you will surely save money with hardly any extra effort involved. Try them out today, as long as you know your rideshare etiquette

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10 Lifehacks to Use While Driving That Will Save You Money
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