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10 Packing Hacks for Your Next Trip

These hacks will help you the next time you have to pack for a trip!

#1 Wear your heaviest clothes.

Wearing your heaviest clothes will save a lot of room in your luggage and this will keep you in the weight limit. I have this issue a lot where my suitcase is too full because I put like denim jackets in it and other heavy clothing items. Then I end up having to take so many things out to have room for the heavier stuff.

#2 Bring a dirty clothes bag.

Bringing a small tote or bag that is dedicated to your dirty clothes, this will keep you from wearing dirty clothes when going out. Putting the clothes you've worn previously into a bag will keep you organized and will remind you to wash them on your trip.

#3 Roll your clothes.

Rolling your clothes will save so much room in your suitcase because folding takes up a good chunk of your suitcase. Plus, you can roll your clothes together into an outfit so you can just take it out and unroll it. This makes it easier to have more space and a planned outfit ready.

#4 Plan outfits beforehand.

Planning your outfits before you start packing will ensure that you have things that match so that you can look a little more put together. I will definitely use this next time I travel because I usually do not have matching clothes and I’ll get lucky if they match.

#5 Pack smart.

This is an obvious one, but pack what you think you need and while your packing remember to look closely what you packed. After you think you packed everything, go through your luggage and see if there is anything that you don’t need or you don’t want to bring anymore. This will get rid of unneeded items.

#6 Invest in packing cubes.

Packing cubes will save your life! These will organize your suitcase and save so much room because they are small, compact, and can fit a lot of things in them. I will continue to use these whenever I travel because I obviously want space for other things.

#7 Put items in shoes.

Another way of saving space is putting small little items in your shoes, this will also save a lot of space. I would put my sunglasses, bras, underwear, or accessories in my shoes so that I can bring more things.

#8 Shower cap shoes.

If you didn’t buy new shoes for your trip (you don’t need to), then you can put inexpensive shower caps on the bottoms in order to keep dirt from getting all over everything in your suitcase.

#9 Use makeup bags.

Makeup bags or pencil cases will also help keep your suitcase organized because you can put toiletries, accessories, chargers, etc. I have done this every single time I travel because I feel more put together when I have one bag designated to chargers and other things.

#10 Personalize your suitcase.

Personalize your suitcase with stickers, patches, or a ribbon to make sure you know which one is yours. There are those situations where a lot of people have the same color suitcase and it is a little difficult to figure out which one is yours.

I used all of these hacks and I absolutely love to pack for trips, I just find it so fun and relaxing.

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10 Packing Hacks for Your Next Trip
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