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10 Super Cute Christmas Wrapping Paper Ideas

The easiest way to make your Christmas presents stand out under the tree.

Photo via Tookapic on Pexels

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... We all know what that means: presents! Whether you're a cheap chocolate buyer, a lavish spender or a re-gifter, the way you wrap your presents can make any gift look a million bucks. Don't just grab the generic stuff from the supermarket - here are some really nifty wrapping paper designs to help you out this Christmas.

Please note this post is not sponsored by or affiliated with any of the stores below! 

Xmas Hearts by Kartos

What better way to spread love this giving season than decorating everything with hearts? The intricate details on these hearts instantly draw your eye, and the sprigs of holly are a nice festive touch. And look, the little birds are holding candy canes! Bless them. 

Tiny Trees in Green by Clara and Macy

Look at these teeny tiny little trees! Everything's cuter when you shrink it down, and this sweet baby forest is no exception. I love the white design on the subtle shade of green. This paper also comes in the inverse style -  which do you prefer?

Polar Bears by Inky Co.

Nothing says 'festive' like snow and a red and white colour scheme. Bonus: it has polar bears with little hats! It's printed on unbleached brown kraft paper with a sweet, quirky design and a relaxed colour palette. No clashing red and green induced headaches here.

Blue Recycled Gift Wrap by Prokritee

Buy Blue Recycled Gift Wrap | Oxfam Shop
Shop ethically and tackle poverty. Buy unique, handmade homewares, kitchenware, accessories, gifts, food and toys and support our global artisans and farmers.

This pretty blue paper is adorned with gold flecks and makes a great alternative to traditional reds and greens. Better yet, purchasing this paper helps support poor rural women in Bangladesh by providing them with jobs. Helping people and pretty paper? Win/win!

Skating Dinosaurs by IzzieMayIllustration

Excuse me. Were you aware that you could wrap gifts in Winter-themed dinosaurs? I am now, and let me tell you, my day has just improved significantly. These adorable dinosaur illustrations by IzzieMayIllustration will put smiles on the faces of kids and adults alike.

Australian Botanical Flowers by Paprly

Inspired by the gorgeous native flora of Australia's Mornington Peninsula, this beautifully illustrated design is a great way to add a dose of Australiana to your Christmas tree. This would look absolutely gorgeous paired with red ribbon!

VINTER 2017: Animal by IKEA

For playful yet affordable design, IKEA is a great go-to store. This print taps into the trendy grey and blue colour combination with a splash of red for that festive feel. The geometric shapes are bold, striking and clean. My favourite animal is the cheerful little fox!

Christmas Star by Write To Me

Write To Me Christmas Star Wrapping Paper. Buy Christmas items online in Australia.
Like the Write To Me Christmas Star Wrapping Paper? Love Pulp Addiction! Australia's favourite designer stationery store.

This is one cute colour palette! I'm biased - pink, blue and white is one of my favourite combinations - but this is sure to please any receiver. The geometric star is a unique Christmas embellishment, but not so over the top that you can't keep using it come birthday present time.

Mince Pi by Newton and the Apple

Everyone knows a math geek or an appreciator of puns. Or perhaps some people are just really into mince pies. Whoever you're buying for, they're sure to appreciate the clever joke and clean lines of this Mince Pi wrapping paper.

Colorful Christmas by VeroGobet

This sugar-sweet design is a unique balance of traditional Christmas imagery in a modern style. We've all seen doves paired with the word "peace" printed everywhere, but this fresh take has plenty of clean lines and pastel colours to revitalise the classic.

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10 Super Cute Christmas Wrapping Paper Ideas
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