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10 Tricks That Will Cut Chore Time in Half

Cut chore time in half, and spend your time on more important things.

No one likes to have to clean their house, but your home won’t be livable if you don’t. Besides, a grimy home isn’t exactly the most relaxing thing to arrive to after a hard day’s work. The same can be said for dirty dishes, gross laundry, and unmade beds.

Unless you’re one of the rare people who loves to clean for stress relief, you should really consider looking into ways to streamline your chore time. Here are my personal favorite tricks that will cut chore time in half—and why they’re worth considering.

Get a pickup and drop off service for laundry, or hire a cleaner.

This is not the most affordable solution for people who are looking to cut chore time in half, but hear me out! You often will get better results, have more free time available, and also feel a lot more relaxed in your home.

Though it may cost $50 to $100 a week, the perks you get are really priceless. If you can give it a try, by all means, do!

Grab a new brush, some dish soap, and scrub your bathtub clean.

Ever since I learned this lifehack, I’ve made a point to teach it to everyone I know. Why? Because it cuts the time it takes to clean a bathtub into a tenth of what it typically is!

To use this time-saving housework lifehack you need to know, grab your dish soap, and spray it around your tub. Then, take a new, clean, scrubbing brush, and scrub away all the grit and grime. Use the shower head to rinse it off, and your bathtub will practically sparkle.

Invest in a Roomba.

I know the aggravation of having a carpet that continually gets dirty, regardless of what you try. Vacuuming daily sucks! If you want to cut chore time in half, then please, just invest in a Roomba.

The Roomba is a little wireless machine that automatically vacuums your room for you. All you need to do is empty out the collection tray and charge it once in a while. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

Get groceries delivered to your house.

Grocery shopping definitely isn’t one of the chores I hate, per se, but during the week, I really don’t have time to spend waiting in line. I also don’t have time to park in a crowded lot or finagle my way around different aisles.

A good way to handle this? Get Instacart Express, and get your mass-ordered groceries delivered to you. If you have a shopper club card, you get store prices and free delivery over $35.

Learn to get rid of stuff in your house using the Konmari Method.

I personally swear by Marie Kondo’s tidying method, which requires you to get rid of any items in your home that do not bring you joy. It doesn’t just help you become more appreciative of your belongings; it is actually a lifehack that will cut your cleaning time in half… or in my case, a quarter.

The less stuff you own, the faster it is to clean everything.

Get a virtual assistant to help you out on Fiverr.

Are you tired of having to deal with all the little emails and faxes that running a home or business? I don't blame you, and believe it or not, you can outsource a lot of those tasks online.

If you have little time to bother with social media posts, need someone to schedule things for you, or just need a quick tarot reading, check out Fiverr!

Create an instant polish for stainless steel and windows.

Ever notice how Windex never quite seems to get the shine on windows well anymore? Notice how stainless steel tends to grow dull after a bit? If you want to refresh stainless steel or get better window shine, grab some white vinegar.

Several of the lifehacks that will save you time spent on chores involve vinegar. Just mix white vinegar in equal parts with water, and you’ll have a cleaning solution that works amazingly well. If you need extra sparkle, just wipe down with a wet cloth.

Clean your microwave in seconds.

Before I learned this cleaning hack, cleaning the microwave after my dinners would explode was a major problem. Like, it’d take several minutes of scrubbing to scrape the surface of the cleaning I still had to do.

This one device, called an Angry Mama, works to make scrubbing obsolete. Just drop water and some vinegar into it, nuke it for 30 seconds, and the food will be easy enough for a sponge to pick up.

Get rid of bloodstains with hydrogen peroxide.

I’m not going to say why I learned this trick, but I am going to say that it kept me from scrubbing and soaking away my items for hours. Blood is very hard to get rid of through typical detergents.

A quick way to get rid of the stain? Dribble some hydrogen peroxide into it.

Invest in a clothes steamer.

Ironing is some real hard chore work, and it always seems to undo itself in a matter of minutes. Frankly, I am not a fan of it—nor am I a fan of clothes that seem to require it. Thankfully, I found a workaround for all my work shirts and jeans.

That workaround is getting a clothing steamer. The steam releases the fabric wrinkles instantly and also helps keep your clothing fresh. Buy one of these, and breathe a sigh of relief as you come to realize that you have just cut chore time in half in the most convenient way possible.

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10 Tricks That Will Cut Chore Time in Half
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