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10 Vanity Organization Hacks

These are just a few hacks to organize your bathroom or vanity.

1. Use bread pans for makeup.

You can use mini bread pans to organize your lipsticks, foundations, etc. You can leave the pans with their finish or you could spray paint them different colors to match your room a little more.

2. Use cookie jars for nail polish.

If you have a bunch of nail polish then this hack is perfect for you. Get cheap cookie jars from the dollar store or TJ Maxx. Separate your nail polishes into colors and do a certain color in each jar. For example, add blues in one and reds in one. Even if you don’t have that much but you still want to display it, you can still put your nail polishes on display in a simple way.

3. Use a tiered tray to for fragrances.

Using a tiered tray will not only help you organize your fragrances, but it will help you put them on display. With this, you can put your perfumes, lotions, hand sanitizers all in one place where you won’t lose them.

4. Put false eyelashes in a glasses case.

If you have a spare glasses container, use it to keep all your false eyelashes. I know some tend to have different types for costumes, everyday wear, events, etc., so this would be perfect for keeping them all in one place. I love that I can just open it up the case and grab the lashes I want for the day.

5. Store makeup brushes in jars.

Storing your brushes or other makeup products will put them on display and make them look nice. Plus, you don’t have to go and spend a bunch of money on fancy jars because you can go to the thrift store to find cheap jars. After, just add beads or glossy rocks to the bottom to not only keep the brushes up but to make it seem like you spent a lot of money on it.

6. Use a wine rack for hair products.

To store all your hair products, just go out and buy a cheap wine rack and it will display your products and make them look nice. Once again, you can spray paint this to make it match your room, or just leave it how it is. With this, you can store all your hair sprays, gels, colors, etc.

7. Use a utensils organizer for hair accessories.

To organize your hair accessories, just go out and get a cheap utensil holder, or even if you have a spare one, put it to use. Just pop the utensil holder into a drawer and put in your curling iron, hair clips, rubber bands, etc.

8. Use a utensils organizer for jewelry.

We all know that our bracelets and necklaces can get tangled easily, especially if they are chain ones. I have had many experiences with my jewelry getting tangled together and then I can't untangle them. Just lay the jewelry out nicely in the columns to keep them from getting all tangled together.

9. Stack bracelets on a paper towel holder.

If you have bangles and other bulky bracelets, then just put them onto the paper towel roll to not only display them but to keep them organized. Once again, if you don’t like the way it looks them spray paint them for a different finish that still looks nice.

10. To display earrings, use a small cork board.

Earrings are very easy to lose because they are small and there are two of them. I often find myself losing one earring and not being able to find it. I especially lose small hoops and studs, so I will be using this hack with all my earrings. This way you can show off your earrings in a cute way and at the same time have them all in the same place.

I hope you can incorporate a few of these hacks into your life. 

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10 Vanity Organization Hacks
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