12 Despicable Me DIY Ideas for a Minion Lover

The first Despicable Me movie stole my heart from the first moment I saw its trailer.

The first Despicable Me movie stole my heart from the first moment I saw its trailer. The trailer was funny, cute, sweet and adorable!

The first movie's main focus was on Gru, his ludicrous ambitions, adopting three orphans to help him fulfill said ludicrous ambitions, and acceptance. With the added giant yellow walking tictacs with goggled eyes, the animated film became even more adorable. So well-received it became that it even spawned a sequel. The popularity of minions increased even more when we got a standalone prequel Minions movie released this year!

One of my great friends celebrates her birthday today - and she absolutely loves minions - so much that she collects all available Minion (and Despicable Me) merch that she could buy. Anything Despicable Me or Minions will absolutely make her happy. She also might take it as a personal offense if anyone bad-mouths these twinkies within earshot.

There are a loooot of other people who absolutely love these yellow Minions, and here are some DIY ideas para tu and for the Minion lovers in your life. Perfect for party ideas, costumes, decor, and everyday fun!

12. Halloween is coming soon, and what better way to get those treats than to dress up like evil purple minions?

...Because yellow minions are too kind looking. Click the link here to see how these were done!

11. If your family LOVES Despicable Me dress up like them!

The best thing about this, though? Similar clothing pieces can be found anywhere!

10. BEHOLD! This fabulous Homecoming dress!

homecoming made me feel like a princess 
— dais (@daisymaddoxx) October 18, 2015

It all started like this...

please retweet 
— ally miller (@allyamiller) September 14, 2015

Since the dress is just for kids ages 3-8, Ally's mom created a replica for Daisy to wear, and she pulled through! She looked fabulous in the dress and it's definitely not bananonina.

9. Dress up like a Minion for casual everyday wear!

The yellow and blue color scheme works so well on any day!

8. Minion Plushies

The hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now. He's ba-na-na-na Batminion!

Minions are so versatile they absolutely match with any fandom. From X-Minions to Batminion - or any other fandom at all, rest assured, there's super cute minion counterpart for it too! Here's a crochet pattern for a Minion plush toy.

7. Minion Bonnets

When you're running out of ideas, or simply forgot to make Halloween costumes this year, this can serve as a last minute costume! Plus, you can use it everyday afterwards. Click here, for the full instructions!

6. Minion Tart!

I've heard of minion cupcakes, cakes, twinkies, twinkies-on-cupcake dressed as a minion... But I've never seen a Minion tart before! It looks yummy and it's very nutritious too!

5. Minion Hat

While I won't recommend this for everyday use, it's certainly a pretty neat DIY and gives a sophisticated touch to the classic paper hat. It can also make a great novelty! Click here for the detailed instruction.

4. Minion Slime

A great boredom buster for kids, can be modified for Halloween, and is guaranteed to last. Another cool novelty idea, eh? It's time to say poopaye to mud and sand! Get the recipe here.

3. This pencil organizer will surely add a pop of color to your bookcase!

Not only will it make a really cute decor/organizer - it's also a great way to make use of recycled cans! Detailed instructions here.

2. A touch of yellow to your Evergreen will make it shine.

After Halloween, you can immediately see people hanging up wreaths and discarding those pumpkins. Christmas is almost among us as well, and if you and your fam love Minions, you can create this awesome Minion ornament for your tree! Click here for the full instruction!

1. Snack on this no-churn needed Minion Ice cream!

All this talk of making DIY is making me hungry. Hence, it's essential that I popped in a snack or two in this list. This ice cream, or should I say, gelato requires nothing complicated! You'll just need a food processor or a blender! Here's the full recipe!

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