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15 Hacks for Back to School

These are just a few hacks for this school year!

1# Make a strict schedule to keep yourself on track.

Making a strict schedule will keep you on track and to help you make time for homework, hanging out, chores, etc. I find that making a schedule keeps you organized and it helps you stay on a routine.

#2 Insert your essay into Google translate and listen to how it sounds.

When you insert your essays or passages into Google translate will help you catch any parts that don’t make sense. This will make your essays even better because it will catch grammar issues, parts that don't make sense, or just parts that don’t match the rest of it.

#3 Set your new schedule as your lock screen.

Sometimes it might be difficult to remember all your classes, where they are located, and what the teachers' names are. Putting it as your lock screen will show it to you whenever you open your phone and kind or embed it into your brain.

#4 Use for more relevant information.

Using Google will give you weird information sometimes and not the information you are actually looking for. This version of Google will give you information that would be good for projects and homework. I started using this because when I search up questions and ask for information I find things that don’t relate to the topic or that have really weird ads attached to them.

#5 Color a small section on the top of your notebook.

This hack is super simple for you and takes about a minute. When you have multiple notebooks in your bag you have to look through them to see which one is for which class. So color a little bit of the notebook and then write what class it is for. This way, whenever you open your bag looking for your English journal, you will see the writing on it.

#6 Study a few days before taking your test.

Usually your teachers will let you know a week before you are having a test to give you time to study. I usually get too lazy and keep saying “Oh, I’ll study later,” up until the night before the test and I’m rushing to study. Studying a few days before will give you time to review all the parts you don’t understand and just read over all the criteria.

#7 Take a break after studying for a bit.

Studying is a big part of school, even though we don’t always like doing it, it helps in the end. However, sometimes you can be studying for too long and end up overworking yourself. So take a five-minute break every 15-20 minutes of studying. During your break, get a snack or a drink to let you relax for a bit.

#8 Use post-it notes to make a weekly to-do list.

Get a piece of cardstock or just plain paper, then attach packs of post-it notes for each day of the week, one for the month, and one for the year. Just hot glue them on, decorate around them, and start writing on the sticky notes.

#9 Use an accordion folder.

Using an accordion folder will keep all your homework and handouts in one place so that you won’t have to worry about misplacing everything. I made this mistake before where I bought tons of separate folders and it made everything complicated. Plus, we all know those times where we forget to pack the night before and you're just rushing to find everything, this will keep all your homework in one place. Then, there are those times where you want to work on homework from classes you don’t have that day and you don’t want to bring ANOTHER folder with you.

#10 Color coordinate your classes.

You can color coordinate you classes in your planner or your notebooks. Have colors for each class even if you don’t have homework from it. I find that keeping me color coordinated keeps me more organized during the school year. It just helps me remember which homework is for which class just by looking at the color. For example, make math class purple and English blue.

#11 Use markers to help with studying

This is just a simple thing to keep in mind when you are studying, taking notes, etc., because it will help you memorize key points. Plus, it just adds a few pops of colors and kind of makes school more fun. Make designated colors for certain things you are having to study such as examples, evidence, claims, etc.

#12 Scatter inspirational quotes around your room.

Scattering inspirational quotes around your school supplies or around your room can help when you'r stressed out. Sometimes you're feeling down because of school and looking at the quotes can motivate you to keep going. I find this an issue where I am feeling like I’m gonna fail my classes or that I should just give up, so it would have helped if I did this.

#13 Get supplies for projects already.

When you are school supply shopping it would be good to get materials for projects that you are going to have through the year. This may sound silly but, it will keep you from stressing out when you find out about a project. This is a big thing because usually a lot of people need similar resources when they are doing projects, so it might be hard to find the things you need.

#14 Get a head start on things.

This is a pretty obvious one but, getting a head start on your homework, projects, essays, etc., will prevent a lot of stress in your life. This is along the lines of procrastinating and building up a ton of stress because you do the assignment last minute.

#15 Be involved in school activities.

Being involved in school activities will show that you care and colleges look for people who are not only good in academics but also who do extracurricular activities. Also, being involved in school activities will help you get more scholarships and grants.

Make sure this school year to try your best even if you don’t like the criteria. The most important things you can do this school year are focusing and trying your best. Hope you have a great school year!

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15 Hacks for Back to School
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