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15 Travel Hacks

Here are some tips that may be able to help you the next time you travel.

1# Exercise before your flight.

We all know how horrible jet lag can be, especially when you have long and connecting flights. A way to prevent getting jet lag is by exercising before you get on your flight. This method has been tested and actually seems to help with jet lag.

2# Bring your own.

No one wants to spend a buttload of money on airport food and water. To prevent spending a lot of money at airports, bring an empty bottle of water and your own snacks. When I am at the airport I often find myself spending almost twenty dollars plus on simple things like food, water, neck pillows. Airports make everything so expensive so that they can make money, which is understandable. However, things are double, if not triple the price of simple things that you could just go to a store to buy.

3# Roll your clothes.

Roll your clothes in your suitcase to save space and allow your to put more things. Suitcases have limited space and folding your clothes can take up a great amount of space that could have been used to store other things. I recently started doing this because rolling my clothes saves a lot of space in my luggage and this allows me to fit more things.

4# Bring a portable charger.

Planes don’t usually have charging spots for your devices and due to this many people are left with dead devices. Bring a portable charger with you the next time you travel. This could be helpful even off the plane because we don’t have access to chargers all the time.

5# Use a binder clip to protect razors.

To keep your razor from cutting your clothes or bag, just clip on a binder clip on the razor. This way the razor will only be touching the clip and not your belongings. This will also prevent you from cutting yourself when you are reaching for something.

6# Donate your change to the local homeless.

If you traveled to a different country where you had to get a different currency, then donate it to the homeless. They really need it sometimes and you aren’t usually going to be using it again. You could just go change it back to your local currency but this way, you make someone's day.

7# Use ATMs to get the local currency.

Using ATMs is easier than going to your bank or the local bank to get the new currency. This only applies if you are traveling outside the country. All you need to do if just take money out from the ATM instead of going to a bank.

8# Unpack what you really need.

A lot of people pack things they don’t need and it just makes it more difficult to pack again. So, before you leave pack the stuff you are most likely to use on the top and the unlikely things on the bottom. This technique also saves you time when you are packing to leave.

9# Bring a power strip.

Many people bring a bunch of different devices or are traveling with other people. But, sometimes there aren’t enough power outlets for everyone's device. So just bring a power strip that everyone can use.

10# Don’t bring bulky clothes.

When you are packing for your next trip, pack light weight things instead of bulky things. This way when you are weighing the items, there will be no need to take anything out. Bulky things take up a lot of space in your bag and add unneeded weight.

11# Use pill organizers for jewelry.

To keep your necklaces and bracelets from getting stuck together, just lay them nicely into weekly pill organizers or small containers in general. When I’m traveling, my jewelry gets tangled a lot and it can be difficult to get them untangled, so the next time I travel I will be using this hack.

12# Put the small things in shoes.

Put small things into your shoes just to save some space in your luggage. Plus depending on how small the things are you can fit more into the shoe. Some of the things you can slip into the shoes are socks, underwear, nail polish, feminine products, etc.

13# Wrap earbuds around a binder clip.

To keep your earbuds from getting all tangled up in your bag, wrap them around a binder clip. I have had many instances where my earbuds get tangled and sometimes even break during travel. The next time I travel, this will come in handy.

14# Refill travel size containers.

Even though the toiletries are so small they can be so expensive. Instead of going out and buying new ones every time, you can just refill them with products you have at home already.

15# Use the camera on your phone.

To save space in your bag, use your phone to take pictures instead of a bulky camera. Cameras are usually better than using your phone, but that doesn’t mean that your phone doesn’t have a good camera too. This one is really up to you and what kind of camera you have.

I hope that you can use some of these hacks the next time you are traveling.

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15 Travel Hacks
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