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3 Easy Ways to Make Money this Month

How I Manage to Make Extra Cash Every Month!

I will start this off by saying this article will NOT make you a millionaire in a week, but if you're looking to make a few extra bucks whether it be for a much-needed vacation or that "fresh on the market item" you're dying to get, stick around...

Trust me when I say I have searched the internet up and down looking for easy ways to make cash with minimal to no effort and I can assure you- it's not a thing. So I started lowering my standards and finding ways to make a few extra dollars here and there.

My first success was using an app called Ibotta, all you have to do is go shopping! It can be online or simply going to the grocery store. You pick up specifically listed items from the store of your choice and redeem cash just from scanning your receipt! No catch whatsoever! If you're a big grocery shopper or amazon shopper this is a necessary app to become familiar with.

Ibotta/ Get Paid for Shopping!

The second way I made a big chunk of cash was a no-brainer, I cleaned out my closet! And by closet, I mean my entire house. Unwanted clothes, throw pillows, baby items, decor, makeup, random items in the garage, etc. People will buy ANYTHING! The saying "One man's trash, is another man's treasure" has never been so excessively true. Facebook Marketplace happens to be the best for this! Snap a few quick pictures, post them with an accurate and appealing description, and let the magic happen. It's practically like Black Friday.

The third and most recent way I have been making money is slightly similar to my second way, only much, MUCH, bigger. I actually came up with this idea because of my habit of selling anything that wasn't of use to me. I started out by downloading Mercari and posting a few pictures of my items that didn't sell on the Facebook Marketplace. Gone. Within a few days. 

It was as simple as printing out my shipping labels (if you don't have a printer, Staples will print whatever you want for 11 cents per piece of paper), taping them on a box filled with my old items and dropping it at the post office. 

Within a week, the money was in my account! Already having a handful of positive reviews on Mercari, I decided why not buy something, and resell it for more than I bought it? Maybe only a few bucks more but it's a profit! There are people out there that do not bargain shop so they turn to other people that do! I'm still new in this "reselling" business, but it's growing on me every time I make a sale. 

Now, where are the best places to bargain shops you ask? My by far favorite stores are TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Ross and thrift stores! And don't get me started on garage sales. $1 for a brand new pair of shoes? Please!

These may not be "I quit my job, I'm a millionaire!" tactics, but they are useful and do work when effort is given.

Good luck making money out there!

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3 Easy Ways to Make Money this Month
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