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4 Home Decor Tips that will Help Make Your Life Easier

Decor away...

Let's gather around and put our hands in the air if you are one of those people who run back and forth before leaving—either because you have to check yourself out one more time or because you can't find that good hair clip. Well, if you are one of those people, here are my four adulting tips I've learned to enforce on myself to make life easier:

1. Mirror by the Wall

I really just wanted to take a mirror selfie—but really, mirror by the door is a MUST.

Running out the door late for work or for a meeting is always stressful, and there is nothing worse than heading out and having to check your bedroom or bathroom mirror one last time to make sure you look presentable and that you didn't leave anything in your hair. (Who else has been there?)

A trick to solve all your life problems: Put a mirror by the door people! Life hack #1 to look like a presentable adult.

For cute vintage mirrors at a great price, download the Offer Up App.

Time Gained with this Life Hack: 2 Minutes

2. Keeping Everything Together

How many of you run out of your house or apartment and pray to the gods that everything you need is in your purse/portfolio or car? Yeah… been there too. Just make your life simpler. Find a nook in your house to put a basket in. Either tall one, flat or small but get yourself one to throw everything in there, put it by the door, throw everything in there when you come in and voila—never leaving your home without your student id, car keys, etc. Find these cute storage baskets here.

Time Gained with this Life Hack: 3 Minutes

3. Really Big Hamper

Let me just come clean and say that my number one problem is that in 26 years of my life I still haven’t learned how to hang my clothes after wearing them. I usually take one day out of the week to organize my place, but life gets in the middle sometimes and my clothing disorganization becomes a problem.

It all starts with someone dropping by unexpectedly, and all of the sudden you panic because you know your place looks worse than a war zone. Hampers to the rescue. If you arrive before your unexpected guest throw everything in there to obtain some dignity back- if your guest arrives and it's the kind of guest that she/he shouldn't see that side of you, you better come up with an explanation like "Sorry, didn't know what to wear today" and then quickly throw everything in the hamper.

Here you get to pick the size you want: I recommend these durable handmade baskets.

Dignity Gained with this Life Hack: 80 to 100 Percent

4. Chargers

We are not going to pretend we are not huge phone junkies. Yes, I embrace the in-the-moment lifestyle, where we socialize without our phones, but when you see that 27 percent battery charge creeping in, the nerves go into panic mode.

I mean, it could be a Sunday at 2 PM and you know you’ll be in bed the whole day, but you still charge your phone just in case you have to go into the wild or something and 100 percent battery is required. So... make your life easier and fill your apartment with chargers. Those 6- to 10-foot cables ones are sooo nice too!

I like having two to three around the house, that way I can move around and still be able to have a charger close by.

Time Gained with this Life Hack: 1 Minute

And best of all... make your home a space you want to enjoooy! Create nooks, fill it with memorable items, and promote that positive energy.

Decor away...

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4 Home Decor Tips that will Help Make Your Life Easier
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