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4 Mindful Tips for Holiday Shopping

Just remember to be a mindful shopper.

Wow! The holidays are almost here. .

Wow! The holidays are almost here. I can tell you that I have not yet begun shopping for gifts. Well, then again I am one of those shopping procrastinators. You know the ones that wait until the week or day before Christmas to begin looking for gifts. I admit it. I am oh so guilty. Hey, with the hectic pace of life some of us can barely find the time to eat or get a good night’s sleep. Anyway, that’s enough of my babbling. Let's get to the mindful tips.

Mindful Tips:

  1. Order your gifts online: Technology has made it so convenient for many of us today to shop online. You can use a smartphone, tablet, laptop or other devices nowadays to shop. Just remember to place those orders a few weeks early. If you want to receive those gifts in time, place the orders early. Millions of people shop online daily. Around the holidays some products don’t ship out as early as they normally would due to a surge in orders.
  2. Give a gift card: Gift cards are a great and convenient gift. Now don’t be cheap. Let's face it a $20 gift card is okay, but your recipient probably won’t be able to buy much. If you can afford it, give a $50, $100 or more gift card. This depends on how many gifts you have to buy and in some cases how much you really like the person. This is just an opinion and suggestion, but department store issued gift cards are not always the best to give. The recipient may not find what they want or need in that particular department store. An alternative would be to give a gift card such as one from Visa, MasterCard, American Express or another type of gift card that can be used anywhere. Gift cards like these give your recipient more options and opportunity to find what they really need or want. These gift cards can usually be purchased in local stores such as a pharmacy, Walmart, Target and other types of stores.
  3. Go on the hunt: If you are patient and love being in crowds, go on the hunt for those gifts. Schedule some time to shop at the local malls or department stores. This will allow you to experience in person how the gift looks, feels or smells when buying products such as perfume, bath and body washes, clothing or others.
  4. Cash and greeting cards are still king: That's right, give up the cash. Giving a greeting card along with cash is another option. However, in today’s world, it isn’t the best option. Unless you plan to give the gift in person, I would not recommend you mailing out a greeting card in an envelope filled with cash. To put it bluntly, that would be absolutely crazy nowadays. Have common sense and use your best judgments.

Mindful Tips:

Have common sense and use your best judgments.

Be Creative:

If you don’t have much money but have a lot of extra time on your hands, consider making a personalized greeting card or something by hand or by using an online free service. There are literally thousands of places to get free images and fonts. Also, thousands of great online services are available for users who want to be creative. An example would be eCards. There are several online services that offer users the opportunity to created free eCards. Just Google “Free ecards.” You will find thousands of results for online services that offer eCards.

Whatever you decide to give, I am sure the person or pet on the receiving end will appreciate the gift and the thought.

Hopefully, the tips mentioned earlier were helpful. Just remember to be a mindful shopper. 

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4 Mindful Tips for Holiday Shopping
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