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5 Amazing Window Cleaning Hacks That Are a Total Saviour!

Window Cleaning Hacks

Everybody loves the look of their windows after they have been cleaned by a professional company. But along with that, nobody can help to stare out dirty windows between semi-annual cleanings. Your home window cleaning solutions won’t leave you with professional like results. But it will surely leave you satisfied for the time being. Whether you want to see out on a big city or a small town, it will help you see clear results wherever you are.

So, as difficult as it may seem to keep your windows sparkling clean, there are a few ingenious hacks that you may put to use. But it’s a must that you keep in mind to follow these helpful hacks only for interior cleanings. Always leave-the-hard-to-reach or need-a-ladder-to-clean windows to professional cleaning services in Bristol. Go Go Cleaning is just the cleaning team you need to keep your residential, commercial, official sectors clean. They have flexible working hours, are trusty and responsible, have excellent professionalism and experience and affordable rates.

Easy and effective window cleaning hacks

We all can rightfully confess that our windows do get quite dirty. And we aren’t talking about a smudge here and there. There can be fingerprints, handprints, even dog nose prints and a lot of oil marks and grime up our windows. And most of us, to be honest, aren’t suited to cleaning windows. But you can get windows with the best sparkle and clean if you follow these fail-proof tricks diligently.

1. Forget the Newspaper

 Newspapers are meant for reading and its best we keep it to that. People are seen to recycle newspaper lying around the house by using it instead of paper towels. Though this is an environmentally friendly act, it’s not fit for your windows. So, avoid getting your hands covered with ink stains and use unused coffee filters to obtain a streak-free window. But the best option is microfiber towels which clean well, are washable and super inexpensive.

2. Make the Squeegee Your BFF

Most people avoid cleaning their windows on their own because they are scared of the inevitable unsightly streaks. If you still can’t overcome the act of creating streaks, even with a coffee filter, it’s time for you to hit some YouTube window cleaning lessons. Next, you can purchase a small squeegee which is definitely the best weapon against evil streaks. Just ensure to wipe the blade between each swipe and replace it when needed.

3. DIY Cleaner

You might be a person to roll their eyes when they hear the term “homemade cleaner” but trust us, it’s legitimate. To clean your windows efficiently, you need three things, i.e. water, vinegar and dish soap. There is more than one different measurement that can do the trick. But the sure shot one is mixing one part of soap to one-part vinegar to two parts water. Avoid using too much dish soap in the formula. Just spray this onto the window and wipe it clean.

4. Erase It

If the streaks are giving you nightmares, in spite of the squeegee in your window cleaning family, it’s time to add in a new member. Head to your local stationary store and get yourself a black board eraser/duster. Using it will help to erase all your windows or at least the streaky window ones. You could even use a soft and static-free t-shirt.

5. Look into the Details

When the matter is about windows, perfection lies in the smallest of details. You need a crystal clear window for a clear view at all times of the day. In case of watermarks, use a soft t-shirt or Q-tip, and for some intense scratches, there’s non-gel toothpaste to the rescue. Also, rubbing alcohol will help you get rid of any decal or sticker remains.

So, these were five of the simplest and easiest hacks of keeping your windows spick and span at all times. Get it cleaned to perfection even when the professional cleaner’s scheduled visit is weeks away. And you can thank us later.

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5 Amazing Window Cleaning Hacks That Are a Total Saviour!
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