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6 Stylish Decorating Ideas to Spruce Up Your Bookshelf!

Having antique bedside cabinets filled with books, or antique bookcases not only tell the story of the homeowner's personality, but also set a bold decor statement.

If you are just like the rest of us avid readers and design enthusiasts, we are pretty sure you, too, won’t settle for anything less than a stylish bookshelf. From DIY floating book shelves, to built-in stacks, to hidden libraries, to even classic, antique bookcases, there are various bookshelf ideas that could help you store your reading materials in style. Creative bookcase ideas help to add the much-needed excitement to your home library, and make sure that your books always find a cosy, yet enticing, home.

So, are you ready to hear some absolutely amazing bookshelf ideas? These bookcase and bookshelf ideas are suited to match any budget, or library, and will fit all spaces—from an entire wall, to a small alcove. You might also be on the lookout for the perfect gift for one of the greatest bookworms in your life. Well, you need not look any further, as we have a million-dollar idea for you. Yes, you can gift them an antique bureau bookcase that's for sale. LT Antiques are of the best buyers and sellers of authentic antique furniture all over the world. They have antique products in all kinds of quality—hardwood, fabrics, and leather hide—which will impart a unique and vintage feel to your home.

Unique and Creative Bookshelf Design Ideas

Though we are the residents of the digital age, there's no way anything could match the charm of hardbound books. Having antique bedside cabinets filled with books or antique bookcases not only tell the story of the homeowner's personality, but also set a bold decor statement. You don't need a designated library to give off those book-wormy vibes. A stylish bookcase lined with books turns any room into a stunning, studious retreat. So, let’s see how you can go about decorating your bookshelf:

  1. Perfect Match: To give your workspace a perfect edge, you could upholster your bookshelves, or cases, in the same fabric as the seating. This will give real dimension, and a cohesive look, to the entire room.
  2. Artwork: Yes, you could hang a favourite painting or a stunning artwork beside your precious book shelf. It will give out vibes of English style portrait room which may be a lot of fun, yet add a classic appeal.
  3. Saturated Colour: You could give your neutral hued room a pop of colour with a bright orange or peacock blue painted bookshelf. This will make your bookcase and the books in it stand out in the best way possible. And what more? It will surely be one of the hottest topics of discussions in the room.
  4. Clever Display: If you want an understated book shelf display, vertical floating shelves on the wall are a hit. These make the books look as if they are floating on the wall. You could also add certain decor accents on the top shelf, like a mini statue, some flowers in a vase, or even a pen stand.
  5. Face Backwards: You could also get creative and different with the way you display your books. Even if it’s regarding a minimalist space, you can stack the books in alternate compositions. You can place one pile lying horizontally while the other pile lying vertically.
  6. Framed Door: And if you want to go those few (read many) extra miles, you could opt for floor to ceiling built-in bookshelves. Place it all around the door which will give the framed door a bookish border. This will help you to keep your book collection all organized, as well as beautify and cover all your walls.

So, these were some of the best ways you could arrange your books and the bookshelves in your home. Irrespective of being a simple row of shelves or an extravagant built-in, bookcases are perfect for keeping in treasured paperbacks, artworks etc. As righteously said, a book can last as long as a house, for centuries.

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6 Stylish Decorating Ideas to Spruce Up Your Bookshelf!
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