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7 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Need a gift for one of the moms in your life? Here are seven 'kits' to give almost any woman.

All Photos by Katherine J. Zumpano 

Moms can be hard to shop for. What do you give a woman who gives everything she has to her children? 

This can make finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift difficult for some people. Thankfully, the most thoughtful gifts are always the most appreciated, and putting something together on your own is always thoughtful. Though these are hardly DIY crafts, here are seven things you can give to any of the mothers in your life for Mother’s Day—without breaking the bank!

The Spa Day Kit

Spas can be expensive, and most moms won’t have time to go spend the day at one, so this little at-home spa kit is perfect! This kit features a loofa, bath bomb, body wash, lotion, body spray, face scrub, face mask, and face moisturizer—and it all fits in a cute little basket. 

Purchasing travel-sized containers from the drug store is a great way to save money, because you can fill them with stuff you have around the house. The idea is to provide enough for a relaxing “spa” day at home (and maybe they’ll have a little leftover).

The Coffee Kit

This is perfect for new moms, or moms who are always on the go. This is simple, sweet, and useful, not to mention inexpensive.

Plus, it’s easy to give them a kind of coffee they love—maybe they have a favorite roast or a favorite brand. You can do instant coffee or a bag of beans, or even both. A cute mug filled with their favorite coffee is a great way to say, “I care about you, and I want you to stay awake throughout your day!”

The Energy Balance Kit

For some women, adjusting the body’s energy is essential to getting through the day. This kit has an amethyst, a crystal pendant, and lavender oil—all which fit perfectly in this little wooden box.

This is a great gift for women who are in touch with their spiritual side, but you can give this to anyone. A little lavender oil under the nose helps you fall asleep, and amethyst has calming properties. If you’re giving this to someone who could use it, but doesn’t know much about crystal healing or oil use, writing a note with some instructions will make sure this is put to good use!

The Makeover Kit

This is perfect for moms who enjoy wearing makeup. This kit features a mini eyeshadow palette, two mini lipsticks, and a face scrub—all of which fit into the nice glass jar. The makeup is small enough to fit in a purse, while the glass container could be used for storing makeup brushes, for example.

You can get creative with this and put in whatever you want. It could be all eye products, all face products, or a combination. This one is simple, with just a few things, but if you have a big enough container, you could add as much as you want.

The Cozy Book Kit

If you know a bookworm, this is for her. It’s an easy gift; fill a mason jar with hot chocolate/coffee/tea, and pick out a book or two she might like.

Poetry is a wonderful choice, because poems are shorter than novels and she’ll be able to come back to it if she has to. Short story anthologies are also good, but if you know she’ll just love that mystery novel, get it for her! She’ll enjoy it even if it takes her a while to finish.

The Gardening Kit

This is the least expensive thing on this list. For a mom that likes gardening, giving her a flower pot and some seeds is a sweet gesture. 

You can add anything you want, like gloves or tools. Make sure to look around for vases and flower pots you don’t use because you can always give them as part of this kit. If you only buy flowers, you can spend less than $10 on something thoughtful and useful.

The Mani/Pedi Kit

This is another pampering kit, and perfect in time for flip-flop weather. This kit features two shades of nail polish, a nail file, nail clippers, a pumice stone, and toe separators.

Manicures and pedicures are expensive, so this will let the recipient treat themselves right at home. You can get creative with the colors, or do something like press-on nails and glue instead of polish. There are tons of options for a woman who likes fresh claws every week.


If you’re still struggling to find something special to give your mother (or any mother), just remember that thoughtfulness often outweighs expensiveness in anyone’s heart. Finding their favorite book in a used bookstore or giving them a beautiful quartz necklace is going to be sweeter than finding the newest, most expensive thing. 

There are so many wonderful mothers out there, and Mother’s Day is just one small way of showing how much you care. Any day is a good day to surprise a mother with something they’ll enjoy. 

But, most importantly, tell her that you love her!

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7 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas
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