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7 Things to Keep in Mind During a House Renovation Project

Important Things to Keep in Mind When Planning to Give Your House a Well-Required Renovation

Are you bored of the old look of your house? Planning to give it a new and refreshing look? House renovation is both exciting yet stressful. Whether you have moved into a new house on rent and plan to give it a change or are bored of the old & tired looking walls of your own house, a house renovation is a must.

Consider your house renovation project synonymous to a business plan with a set budget. A little planning and management is all that it takes for perfect execution.

Listed below are some of the important things to keep in mind when planning to give your house a well-required renovation:


Primarily, start with a set budget in your mind and make sure you do not exceed your threshold planned budget. A little extra resource should be kept in backup in case some areas require more repair and replacement cost.

Divide and allocate.

Just like a business plan, learn to divide, allocate, and then conquer. It is not important to deal with the entire havoc in a single shot. Start with places that would require more number of days for the entire renovation. For example: If the kitchen tiles are completely worn-out and broken start off with the kitchen with an assigned budget for the kitchen and so on for the other rooms and bathrooms.


If you want to replace a few things in the house like a dining table, couch, bed lamps, kitchen tops, or even the sofa sets, make sure you have done enough research to buy it from the right shop or online site. Look up for the best price for your desired essentials you are looking for and buy the one that fits in your budget. Do not hurry.

Space & Storage

Make ample space for storage and stuff all the things at a safe place. Also, do not mix up kitchen items with the bathroom ones. If you are short of space to store the stuff, contact a local storage solution company and do away with all the luggage and stuff till the renovation is over.

Be ready for unexpected problems.

Do not panic if things are not going well. Be ready to face unexpected problems coming your way. Have a friendly behaviour with your neighbours and relatives in case you need some help with shifting, food, or storage. Be ready with a Plan B so that your renovation project is not affected. Have all kinds of arrangements like electricity back-up, frozen food, etc.

Find the right people for the job.

If you think DIY house renovation is economical, do away with the myth now. Imagine the amount of money, energy and time you would be spending on it and compare it with a contracted house renovation project; you will evidently see the difference. It is always advised to hire a professional and experienced house renovation company to do the job for you.

Select the right colour of paint.

Choosing the right shade of your paint and emulsions seems to be an exciting task, right? It is Certainly not. This colour choice should be made with a lot of research, discussion and advice. Ask a professional like Kyan Painters for the right choice of colours for your room and exteriors of the house.

We are pretty sure this article will help you in easy and hassle-free house renovations in Auckland. If you are looking for an experienced, certified and licensed professional to do the job for you, Kyan Painters in Auckland is the right place for you. With just a few right things on your list backed up with well trained professional hands, a well-planned and managed house renovation project is a guarantee. Invite your neighbours for a cup of tea and let them be amazed at your well furnished and mesmerising look of the house. 

Painters North Shore | House Painting West Auckland
Hire interior and exterior painters in Auckland to breathe vivid colours and value into your property. Kyan Painters is an customer-first painting company that delivers results.
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7 Things to Keep in Mind During a House Renovation Project
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