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8 Apps That Will Pay You (Or at Least Give You Free Stuff)

My Favorite Apps to Save Money

This is not sponsored, none of these apps are paying me to write about them. These are all apps I have personally downloaded and used before.

Spare 5

This app asks you to take pictures of items and submit them for payment. Usually, the payment for each item isn’t super high (typically 5–9 cents), but that adds up quickly. There are a lot of things they want pictures of, so it’s easy to reach the payout minimum. You have to reach $1 before you can payout, and you get paid through Paypal.


There are multiple apps that do the same thing, so I’ve listed a few of the ones I use above. These apps give you games to play, and all you have to do is download them and play them. That’s it! You submit a screenshot of your time playing, and they give you coins that you cash out for money. This app also pays you through Paypal, and I usually cash out about two dollars at a time, and it’s great when you have all three apps downloaded.

Zap Surveys

This app will take longer to get payment, but you get a lot more when you do cash out. This app offers you surveys to complete for cash, and although the individual payments are low, there are other ways to get money within the app. There are location surveys which give you money for just being near certain locations. There are also daily bonuses and there are rewards if you reach certain milestones.

Jet Set Go!

This game is basically a version of Candy Crush that pays you. You complete levels and get coins that you can redeem for gift cards or Paypal money. There are also timed giveaways for extra coins. You can get boosters from daily logins to help you complete levels.


This app doesn’t actually give you money, but you can get free stuff and gift cards. They just added the gift card feature, and the cards change every so often, so if you see a card you want, you should go for it. All you do is roll a dice on the screen and you get tickets for each amount. So if you roll a five, you get five tickets. If you roll doubles, there are options to get even more tickets. They have a daily spin to give you more rolls when you run out, or you can watch videos and complete surveys.


1Q is another survey app, but this one is a little different. They randomly give you surveys (so make sure to have notifications on) and each survey is worth about 25 cents. The nice thing about this app, unlike other survey apps, is that you won’t get kicked out of a survey for “not qualifying” or anything like that. It is guaranteed that you will get the money if you complete the survey. They also send the money directly into your Paypal account, so there’s no minimum to cash out.

Panel App

This app is really easy to use because you barely have to do anything. All you have to do is allow the location on this app and keep it installed. It gives you points for going places, and they will occasionally ask you short surveys about places you’ve been. After a while, you just cash out your points for things such as Amazon gift cards.

KO Trivia

This app is a trivia app, but you actually get paid for it. You get coins for playing in the rounds of trivia, and the better you do, the more coins you get. There are also chests you can open that have more coins in them, but you can only access them every two hours or so, but it’s still nice to get instant coins. You can redeem these coins for Paypal money. 

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8 Apps That Will Pay You (Or at Least Give You Free Stuff)
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