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8 Unique Tiny Houses You Can Order on Amazon Right Now

Buy the perfect tiny home for your family today on Amazon!

These days you can buy literally anything on Amazon. From medical supplies to clothing and now even your house. Yeah, you got that right, you can even buy your house on Amazon now. That is if you’re willing to downsize and go tiny. 

There are a number of tiny houses for sale on Amazon. And the best part about it is that you can literally buy them right now. So if you’ve been thinking about going tiny or longing to put that cabin in the woods—check out the list below.

1. Allwood Ranger Cabin Kit | 259 SQF + 168 SQF Loft

If you're looking for the perfect stationary tiny house, this ranger cabin is it. With 259 square feet on the main floor and 168 square feet in loft space, this home is super spacious and efficient for sustainable tiny living. And it comes with free shipping! You can't pass up free shipping on a home.

2. Lillevilla Allwood Cabin Kit Getaway (Getaway Cabin kit)

Looking for the perfect cabin to set up camp near your favorite lake or in the woods? This Allwood cabin from Lillevilla is just what you need. The complete 292 sq ft cabin comes complete with a sleeping loft and porch with room for the entire family.

3. Allwood Mayflower | 117 SQF Garden House, Cabin Kit

How cute is this Allwood Mayflower wagon? It's super unique for anyone looking to color outside the lines with their tiny house. Its wagon features replicate the wheel feel of a movable tiny house. The possibilities with this tiny home are endless. 

4. Allwood Frontier | 228 SQF Tiny Home, Cabin Kit

Want to build your tiny house using a kit? This frontier kit by Allwood is not only ideal, it’s super affordable. And with 228 square feet it has plenty of room for activities. There’s also free shipping on it so you don’t have to pay any extra to get it.

5. Duramax Flat Top Insulated Building | 13 by 10’

This Duramax flat top building is proof that not all tiny houses are created equally. Some are unique with endless possibilities. You can literally do anything with this building from making it a tiny house to creating your own work at home office. And it comes insulated which, let’s be honest, is a huge plus when buying a home on Amazon.

6. Weizhengheng Modular Flat Pack Living Prefab Container House | 20FT

Considering a shipping container as a tiny house? Check out this prefab container house. You can put it anywhere in the world and call it home. Shipping containers are easy to assemble (if they don't come assembled), and easy homes to maintain. 

7. New Generation Builders Container Home

Here's another amazing pre-fabricated shipping container home you can find on Amazon. This one is from New Generation Builders and can be shipped for free if you are in 100 miles of Tampa, FL.

8. Park Model RV: Ultimate Vacation Home | 399 SQF

This park model home from Titan Park Models is completely irresistible and complete with one bed, one bath. It’s perfect for anyone living in warm climates where they can sit on their porch and enjoy the weather in this ultimate vacation home.

6 Alternative House Solutions

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8 Unique Tiny Houses You Can Order on Amazon Right Now
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