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A Guide to Candle Magic

All About Candle Magic; Part 2 of the Pages From My Book of Shadows

Using candles to perform spells or other magic, often times the candles are anointed in oil and used for a specific purpose depending on colour. Candles often run off the basis of two basic spell casting principles: symbolic manipulation and marking/sigils. Symbolic manipulation is simply the placement or movement of the candle while marking/sigils is carving notches or sigils into the candle to help envision a certain outcome. The notches are placed in the candle to signify each passing day. Every day the candle is allowed to burn down another notch while concentrating of the desired outcome. Often times this is performed in the evening for three or seven day time periods. A candle, when set in the center of the work area, generally symbolizes the castor or the person the spell is being cast upon. Candles of desire are placed around the center candle and every evening moved slowly towards or away depending on if you wish to banish or attract. Candles can also be used in simple spells to simply signify the act being cast with the lighting of the candle and the spell being cast with the candle being blown out. Candles can also be used to represent fire when placed on a pentagram. 

Candle Magic Omens

Tall, strong flame—your spell is empowered and getting through. It will work very well

Flickering, unsteady flame—your spell is having trouble manifesting your results

Dancing, wild flame—get ready for a rollercoaster ride

Normal flame—things are working as expected

Small, blue flame—your spell is not getting through, prepare a backup plan

Crackling, popping flame—your spell may manifest in very unexpected ways 

Color Correspondence

Black- binding, negating, draining

Blue- elevating, tranquilizing, aligning

Dark Blue- depressing

Brown- grounding, solidifying, strengthening

Gray- neutralizing

Green- renewing, healing, enriching, fertilizing, gain (financial help)

Gold- solar influence, material gain

Pink- love, friendship, harmony

Purple- secret dealings, hidden aspects, occult forces

Red- passion, motivating, invigorating

Silver- lunar influence, spiritual gain

Yellow- energizing, motivation, creativity

White- protection

Spell Candles

Making a Witch Candle 

First you must decide on what your intent is or what you want to use the candle for. For the purpose of this, I'm going to use creativity. You can change anything you want to match the intent or use of the candle. 


  • A votive or pillar candle 
  • Basil, rose, and mugwort 
  • Basil, clove, jasmine, lavender, lemon, or rose essential oils
  • Yellow and or orange pillar candle 
  • Parchment paper 
  • A lighter 


Put the parchment paper on your work surface. Take your votive or pillar candle and carve words or symbols on the top of it, making sure to leave the wick undisturbed. Take the first pillar candle and drip the hot wax on the base candle. 

TIP: start around the outside to get a pretty drip effect 

Next, sprinkle the herbs and oil on top of the wax. If you are using stone chips, gently push them down into the soft wax for sturdiness. Drip the second color over everything else, just enough to set the herbs but not enough that you're drowning them. Gently remove the base candle from the parchment paper and trim any wax around the bottom you don't want. You can tie a ribbon and charms around the candle for an added touch if you want. Leave to set and enjoy. 

Make Your Own Candle


  • Wax, I use Beeswax 
  • Crayons
  • A large width wick 
  • Essential oils
  • Herbs (optional) 
  • A pot you don't care about 
  • A container 
  • A pencil or popsicle stick 


Melt the wax and add crayons for colors. Tie or tape the wick to the pencil and put the other side of the wick in the container you want to use for your candle; place the pencil on the top of the container and try to make the wick as straight as possible. Add essential oils and herbs to the wax, stirring everything in. Carefully pour the wax mixture into the container and leave to set. Once the candle is set, remove the pencil and trim the wick to your desired size. 

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A Guide to Candle Magic
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