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Amazing Calendar Apps to Make Your Life Easier to Plan

Love to keep your plans nearby? These calendar apps will make planning and organizing easier than ever.

Most people have a notebook or a calendar at home, where they jot down major plans and keep small notes about their day-to-day happenings. This is all well and fine, but, it's 2017 — and frankly, we can definitely do things a bit more efficiently. 

Calendar apps are incredible when it comes to keeping your schedule planned out perfectly and synced up no matter where you are. They're also incredibly easy to use, and alert your phone when scheduled appointments are happening. 

That's why it just makes sense for busy folks to make the switch. Looking for the right app for your busy lifestyle? Check out this list of the top calendar apps for your phone today. is one of the only to-do calendar apps to hit The New York Times's "Must-Have" app list. It's also been featured on USA Today and Lifehacker as one of the best planner apps in existence.

As the name suggests, this app is designed to break down tasks into to-do lists, schedule meetups, and allow you to share to-do's with other people. Since syncs up with all your devices, you never have to worry about accidentally losing your schedule by leaving the wrong device at home. 

It's easy to learn and beautifully simple. What more can we say?

Family Organizer

This is one of the only calendar apps we've found that is focused on getting family plans to become more cohesive than ever before. This app allows you to sync up family schedules on a calendar, create shopping lists, start shared to-do lists, and add notes for those you include in the app. 

Unlike other apps on this list, Family Organizer allows you to share moments, too. Just talk about your day and add notes for family members who want to stay in the know.

Wunderlist: To-Do Tasks

Wunderlist is one of the best to-do list apps on the market, and happens to be one of the top calendar apps for getting things done quickly, efficiently, and awesomely well. With this app, everything is arranged into to-do lists, and scheduled out using a calendar that's synced to all the devices you own. 

You can quickly grab to-do's with 3D Touch, and assign tasks to others who share the app. Regardless of what you're scheduling, Wunderlist is a godsend. 

Fantastical 2

Fantastical 2 is all about giving you a fully functional calendar at the touch of your finger. Known for having great daily view options and a wonderful week view, too, this app is perfect for people who want to add events and reminders quickly and seamlessly. 

Features including natural language parsing, syncing with both Siri and Facebook, and overall intuitive use make Fantastical 2 an app worth checking out — even if you're not an "app person."

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook was originally made famous thanks to its email service back in the day, but nowadays, it's more commonly known as one of the better calendar apps out there. The app allows you to sync with a slew of different programs, see your day "at a glance," use Gmail to reply to questions on the go, and keep track of major projects easily. 

You can add contacts, emails, and events from Gmail without issue, too. Inviting others via Gmail to events is a cinch, so there's no reason not to save time with Outlook — regardless of what standard calendar you use.

Google Calendar

Is it really surprising that Google Calendar is one of the best, and most popular, calendar apps right now? It syncs up with everyone's email, is easy to use, and also works on every single device that you have Gmail access to. 

If you're looking for apps, you probably already know Google Calendar. It's free; so why not download it? It's not like this is a little-known productivity lifehack, so you really have no excuse. 


Cozi is one of the best calendar apps for people who just want an app that allows them to communicate schedules, to-dos, and lists with people who need to know the details. It works well as a productivity app for both professionals and families — and can even be used for both at the same time!

A Mom's Choice award-winner, Cozi is also known for its awesome journaling abilities and grocery lists. So, it's a cozy and helpful partner when doing housework, too. 

Calendars by Readdle

Readdle's Calendars app is one of the smartest calendar apps out there in terms of style. This program syncs to iCal and Google Calendar, and comes with beautiful views for every day, week, and month. 

You also get natural language input, list views, and task management with this app. So, it conforms to your lifestyle in every way possible. 

PocketLife Calendar

Looking for an app that's highly functional, stylish, and allows you to tailor your calendar to YOUR particular focal points? Go for PocketLife. This app allows you to set up events, reminders, lists, and even shared calendars...and it does it all with style. 

Plenty of advanced features mean that you will get to enjoy near-instant scheduling. 

Planner Pro

If you're looking for killer calendar apps that allow you to schedule everything in one place, you'll love Planner Pro. This app is known for providing you with a full calendar, task tracking, notes, and multiple device syncing — all in one full swoop. 

Efficient? Absolutely; and when you have Planner Pro, you never have to worry about looking at the wrong app ever again. 

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Amazing Calendar Apps to Make Your Life Easier to Plan
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