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As If Being a Broke College Kid Isn't Hard Enough

The Hustler Guide on How to Survive Being a Student and Single Mother

Mastering the art of working full time while also going to school is a masterpiece on its own, but single mothers who are doing this as well and succeeding are some Picasso type of shit dynamite pieces. Failure is not an option; there are little humans who are dependent for food and the basic needs of nourishment from their mother. This article is not based on pity or a guide for emotional support which is the only single mother guide on the internet found. These are real ways to survive on an income and a simple reminder that you are not the only woman in the world going through these struggles. If you are working, going to school, and taking care of a child, I already know you are a go getter so how you choose to get by is your business. However, make sure you find "me time" in this hectic life so you can stay balanced and decrease stress. So, ways to make and save money: let's get it.

State Help

Whether we want to admit it or not, we all need help in some way. We are reluctant to ask or seek state help, but this is the first on the list. Personally, I was eligible for $15 a month in food stamps so this was just a reminder for me I have to get creative on how to survive during this period in my life. Apply for help, see where it takes you, but keep working hard.

Exchange clothing and toys.

Have you found places in your area that pay for lightly used clothing and toys?! This has been extremely beneficial to people and it's super easy! Gather outgrown clothes, toys that aren't used, and bring them to see what they offer in exchange.

Return bottles.

This one will sound super cheesy, but return bottles for money. This can add up quickly over time by putting bottles in a trash bag. It's also good for the environment so there is really no loss here! I get between $3-7 every time—that's a gallon of milk. 

Don't forget the good ol' food bank available in your community.

This is one I always forget about but by simply calling 211, they can also assist you with similar type of services.

Babysitting for Money

Do you have the free time with your children? Add a playdate while making money at the same time.

Get a roommate.

Although this sounds awful, sometimes it really is needed and you may even find an amazing match. This can really cut living expenses in half and make life much easier. The American dream, right?!

Cheaper Internet and Phone Plans

Have you tried getting cheaper services on internet and your cell phone bill? I pay $55 a month by using StraightTalk unlimited. I see no difference in services and there isn't a huge bill always popping up! If you and your family barely watch television, maybe it's time to cancel the TV guide. Netflix has taken over anyways!

Cook meals!

No more eating out. We would all be surprised by how much money we are saving by not getting that every morning coffee, etc. Simply buying meals to cook is a big pocket saver. Don't be afraid to switch it up by purchasing the meat that is on sale, as well as a veggie, and add some rice or pasta. It's also always healthier then a McDonald's drive thru. Just a parenting note: introducing your child to new foods is always a plus.

Have a hobby? Invest in it!

Don't be afraid to make that leap of faith of doing something that you love that could also bring you to the next level. You are already taking on so much, there really is no loss in personal investment. Just do it. ;)


Well, ladies, these are some of the easiests ways to make that extra money just to get by day to day.

There's always the option of selling some nudies for $$ or even finding a sugar daddy from my favorite website, Seeking Arrangement, but this is not for everyone and I praise you even more for protecting your temple.



"The struggle is real, that's for sure, but the most people do today is upload a status and nothing more." -Bristol Reeves

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As If Being a Broke College Kid Isn't Hard Enough
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