Angel Mann

I am an alien. I’ve been diagnosed with autism and ADHD, which explain some but not all aspects of my life. Maybe I really am from a different planet. Until that planet is discovered, I have to learn to survive here on Earth.

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7 Gifts for Sensory Seekers Who Love to Squish, Squeeze, and Mold
9 months ago
Play-Doh has been a classic toy for sensory seekers ever since it was invented. Many children (and adults) love the squishy feel of Play-Doh, the bright colors, the way it can be molded and shaped, an...
36 Gift Ideas for Train Lovers
9 months ago
I've worked with kids with special needs for about 15 years now, and in every school I've ever states across the USA...there have been a ton of young boys who were crazy about trains. If y...
Top Sensory Stocking Stuffers
9 months ago
Do you have someone in your life who has autism, ADHD, or Sensory Processing Disorder? Are you hoping to find them the perfect gift? As an autistic adult who also has ADHD, and as a sensory seeker, I ...