Casey Chesterfield

Creative Ways to Repurpose Old Kitchen Stuff
5 months ago
A lot of household waste comes from the kitchen. There is a plastic wrap from food packaging, as well as wasted food not used before it spoils. Cardboard containers food items come in must also be dis...
4 Tips to Prevent Pipe Bursting
5 months ago
A broken pipe is more than a simple nuisance. If you have ever had to fix one, you know that it is no ordinary task — you’ll need to get the water turned off and then hire a professional to cut into o...
How to Spruce Up Your Bedroom’s Interior Design
6 months ago
Your bedroom is your sanctuary. It’s where you to go retreat from a stressful day. And it’s quite possibly the most special room in your house, so it would make sense to surround yourself by colors, f...
Pipe Lining 101
6 months ago
If you have a serious problem with your sewer pipe line, you’ve probably heard about trench-less pipe lining. Even so, you may be wondering whether it is a good fit for you or if it is a good way to r...
How to Host a Winter-Themed Party Martha Stewart Would Be Proud Of
6 months ago
There are many reasons to throw a winter-themed party. Super Bowl Sunday, the holidays, game nights, and the Grammys all tend to be popular get-together occasions. And what better way to add a little ...
5 Must-Do's for First Time Homeowners
7 months ago
Owning a home for the first time is an exciting, yet stressful experience. Because buying a home is so expensive, it’s worth taking steps to make sure everything is done correctly and won’t end up cos...