Claire Raymond

Claire is an author, editor and copywriter from the UK, with over 12 years of experience she covers a wide range of subject matter. She likes coffee, cats and wolf creek.

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How to Live a Cheaper Life: Free Things to Do This Weekend
7 months ago
Weekends can be great (if you're not working) they give you the chance to relax, spend time with your family or just get all of the stuff on your list done. But when you're just relaxing, weekends hav...
How to Live a Cheaper Life: Cheap or Free Rent
7 months ago
Rent or mortgages are pretty much everyone's biggest outgoings and most of us feel like "rent is rent and there is nothing we can do about it." But there are things you can do to make renting or buyin...
Where to Get Free Baby Stuff
7 months ago
Babies are great, but they're not cheap. In fact, the average cost of raising a child is $233,610 or £176912.85 and that is without the kid going to college. And you can't just buy something once for ...
Living a Cheaper Life: How to Make Your House Look More Expensive
7 months ago
Most of us don't have the house we want. We have the house we can afford, and whilst we might like our homes, most people wish their houses were a little bit bigger, or maybe looked a little more expe...
Three of the Best Freebie Sites
7 months ago
Everyone wants to get something for nothing right? But what we don't want to do is spend hours searching online for free stuff because we all have better things to do. Well the beauty of free sample s...
How To Save Money On Your Heating Bills
7 months ago
The fact that you have searched about how to save money on your heating bills means winter is on its way. And it's just a guess, but I am going to assume that the utility companies have put their pric...