Creative Weirdo

The stories I will be writing about will range from being horror, random topics, and just hacks/tips. I will write every so often and will always be trying to think of new ideas to write about.

10 Vanity Organization Hacks
5 days ago
These are just a few hacks to organize your bathroom or vanity.
15 Hacks for Back to School
6 days ago
These are just a few hacks for this school year!
10 Summer Lifehacks
8 days ago
Here are a few lifehacks that can help you this summer!
Tips and Tricks for Black Friday​
10 days ago
Here are a few tips and tricks for this year when you are going Black Friday shopping. You can choose to use these in November when you do go shopping. Make a list of things you plan to get and then r...
10 Christmas Hacks
11 days ago
Christmas is about spending time with family and friends, being grateful, and having fun. However, thing like decorating and budgeting can be difficult. So I am just naming a few Christmas hacks that ...