Dan McGinnis

I've been a freelance writer for nearly 20 years, and social media manager for a decade.  I love politics & entertainment, and frequently write about both.  My interests are diverse--just like my articles.

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Cold Weather Survival in an RV
7 months ago
Last winter was cold here in Virginia. We had lots of snow, many days below freezing temperatures, and icy conditions. Despite all of that, my dog and I lived in a small recreational vehicle for the e...
Two Ways for Quick Extra Money
a year ago
Everyone can use a few extra dollars these days. Whether it's money for a Starbuck's latte or a few extra gallons of gas in the tank, dollars are always in high demand. Working a typical 9-5 job or ev...
Winter Living in an RV
a year ago
Living in a recreational vehicle or camper during the cold winter months poses unique challenges for even the most experienced outdoor hobbyist. Keeping warm and living comfortably isn't as easy as tu...