Devon Thomas

Long commutes means lots of tunes and podcasts. Daydreamer and people watcher.

Best Mattresses on the Market to Help You Sleep Better
a year ago
I did it! I finally saved enough money by eating cheap meals and making a lot of dollar store purchases that I can afford a really nice mattress. It's basically going to be the only item I own, so I'm...
What You Need to Know Before You Buy Sheets
a year ago
I know nothing about sheets. I only know how to be a good lover and father. It takes intuition to do both. The same is not true of buying sheets. You need to know a lot of stuff to buy sheets! Vocabul...
Best Safes for Your Home
a year ago
I've got a lot of heirlooms that my family left me that I didn't lose in the divorce. Plus, I've got a lot of precious videos and photos of my son Jarret, and a few other memories (I played minor leag...
The Ultimate Guide for Removing Super Glue from Anything
a year ago
I'm a dad who likes to do crafts with his son. We've done everything from some easy Christmas tree crafts to even more advanced DIY projects. Sometimes though that means using superglue, and sometimes...