Jacqueline Hanikeh

Reading good literature plays a huge role in my life — and so does online shopping and wine.

Easy Tips To Keep Your Bedroom Clean
24 days ago
As you get older, your room starts to look messier. Many of us hoard so much junk that throwing any of it out is like throwing out a piece of our heart. From the clothes that we don't wear anymore to ...
Simple Life Hacks to Make You Healthier
3 months ago
There are little things in life that we constantly do that are harming our health. There are things that we don't realize that are harming our bodies. And most of us don't notice until it effects us i...
Clever Ways to Spend Less Money This Month
5 months ago
A lot of us, and I mean a lot of us spend so much money on unnecessary things. From splurge shopping to dropping $50 on lunch with friends, we really do let our money go to waste. And most of the time...
Best Pinterest Crafts for Home
5 months ago
What's a cozy home without adorable and unique accessories around the house? Home decorations give each room their very own mood and style -- and doesn't make the room dull and lifeless. Fill your kit...
DIY Halloween Costumes Ideas for Women
6 months ago
Halloween costumes are sometimes tough to figure out. You know that sexy wolf costume that includes a mini fur skirt and fur leg warmers that you think you'd look really hot in? Easily $100 for no rea...