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Tiny Living, Big Lessons: Now Accepting Sponsor Donations
21 days ago
As you may or may not know from reading my stories on Vocal. I am currently trying to raise enough money to purchase a tiny house. For the last two months I have been traveling the country staying at ...
Tiny Living, Big Lessons: Living in a Cheap Pop Up Camper
2 months ago
I don’t know about you, but I am loving this new series! I see so many opportunities for it, like today’s topic about living in a pop-up camper. I recently found this idea intriguing when I stumbled a...
How to Make More Money With Ebates
2 months ago
Ebates is a company that has been around since 1998. I know that seems like forever ago in internet years. They’re a free website and commit to always remain free. They allow you to earn cash back on ...
Tiny Living, Big Lessons: 6 Alternative Housing Solutions
2 months ago
When I first decided to live in a tiny house, it was because I wanted to find an alternative housing solution. I couldn’t afford a huge house nor did I want one. Maybe when the day finally arises that...
How to Make Money in Your Spare Time Using Qmee
2 months ago
If you don’t follow me on here or my blog, then you might not know that Qmee is one of my favorite (and easiest) ways to make money. It’s super simple, there’s very little (if any) effort required, an...
Tiny Living, Big Lessons: Living in a Tiny House
3 months ago
​​ In the spirit of all things tiny, I’ve begun a new series here on Vocal. The series will capture my experience living in a tiny space and my plans for the future. Though this project is in the earl...