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Tiny Living, Big Lessons: Living in a Tiny House
8 months ago
​​ In the spirit of all things tiny, I’ve begun a new series here on Vocal. The series will capture my experience living in a tiny space and my plans for the future. Though this project is in the earl...
Tiny Living, Big Lessons: How I'm Trying to Fund My Tiny House Project
8 months ago
A few years ago, I started out with a dream. A dream to work from home as a full-time writer who lives in a tiny house (that she built) and is able to travel the world. Though I am slowly progressing,...
3 Zero Effort Side Hustles That Will Help You Pay Your Bills Each Month
8 months ago
Are you looking to make a little extra money each month to help you pay some bills? Or maybe save up some money for a vacation? And are you tired of seeing low paying side hustles on every article you...
6 Amazon Services that Save You Time, Money, and Energy
8 months ago
Are you an Amazon guru? Do you use Amazon for anything and everything? If so, then you might already be aware of some of the awesome perks of being an Amazon member. Not all that into shopping on Amaz...
How to Make Money Using Testing Panels
9 months ago
I don’t know about you, but I hate when I visit a blog that claims I can make a lot of money taking surveys each month. In my opinion, most of the survey sites aren’t worth it. When a survey takes 20 ...