Jennifer Violet

Bakes sweets ever Thursday and donates them to her local homeless shelter. Is an owner to five pugs and can count to 500 in French.

How to Wash a Cast Iron Pan
8 months ago
Whenever I use my cast iron pan to whip up a meal, my pan always looks like it was in the middle of an explosion. The food will get stuck in the iron pan and it's almost always a struggle to completely clean it. Even though I usually stick to my cast iron pan for certain meals—it's an absolutely essential tool for cooking a perfect steak—I have always dreaded washing it. I've actually ruined a few iron pans in the past because I didn't know how to properly wash them. There are cleaning tips avai...
How to Clean a Keurig Machine
8 months ago
I love my coffee. I can't carry on with my morning if I don't have my coffee first thing. In fact, I'm not even fully awake until I comfortably finish my first coffee of the day. Yes, I'm not fully aw...
10 Ways You Can Reuse Cereal Boxes
8 months ago
Many of us binge on cereal all throughout the week. There are even times when we don't eat cereal in the mornings, but during the nights. Well, I personally prefer eating cereal at night, but that's n...
DIY Backyard Games to Play
9 months ago
Not many people know this, but the outdoors is in stock for a ton of exciting games to partake in. It allows you to appreciate nature more and express your creativity to its fullest! Plus, no one can ...
10 Life Hacks for a New Homeowner
9 months ago
Being a new homeowner is both super exciting and very stressful. You have to organize the entire house, store away each and every single one of your belongings, and overall maintain a happy home. Furn...
Awesome Lifehacks for Household Tools
10 months ago
We have so many everyday household items laying around the house and are used for their specific duty. How nail filers are meant to just buff out nails, a hair clip for putting hair up, a bar of soap ...