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I write about innovative ways to earn passive income with minimal work.

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How to Save Up to $0.50 a Gallon
8 days ago
Paying for gas is one of the most costly parts of our life. While it is difficult to avoid paying for gas you can defiantly help reduce the stress it puts on your wallet. Using one or all of these met...
GetUpside Review: How to Save $0.25 per Gallon
2 months ago
Paying for gas is one of the most costly parts of any car owner's life. The constant fill-ups will drain your wallet and can quickly add up if you do a lot of driving. In an attempt to help you save m...
Get Paid to Search: Earn Passive Income Using These Search Engines
2 months ago
Almost everyone on the internet uses a search engine for something. Whether it's to find an answer to a question, more information on a subject or to just look up the definition of a word, we have all...
Earn Passive Income Selling Your Stuff on Mercari
2 months ago
Mercari is a REALLY easy-to-use app where anyone can buy and sell just about anything. Mercari makes it very easy to sell your stuff online. They provide you with prepaid shipping labels, track the st...
How to Earn Passive Income with PacketStream
2 months ago
Your devices can earn you passive income while you sleep. In the past, we have written about earning passive income by selling your extra computing power, renting out your lock screen or by running Au...
How to Turn Your Receipts into Cash
3 months ago
Companies REALLY want to know what you are buying and they will pay you for that information. Just take a picture of your receipts before throwing them away and you can earn a few extra bucks each mon...