Lauren Williamson

All You Need to Know About Achieving Those Amazing ‘Brick Effects’ for the Interior of Your House
5 days ago
Brick slip tiles could be the ultra-fast and pocket-friendly way to achieve a rustic or urban look in your home. Brick slips are popularly used during small interior decorating projects and full reno ...
Things to Keep in Mind when Building a Wooden Deck
6 days ago
There are various reasons as to why you may want to consider installing a deck, especially a wooden deck outside your front porch. For example, you could love having people over for drinks on the deck...
6 Stylish Decorating Ideas to Spruce Up Your Bookshelf!
7 days ago
If you are just like the rest of us avid readers and design enthusiasts, we are pretty sure you, too, won’t settle for anything less than a stylish bookshelf. From DIY floating book shelves, to built-...
How to Add Comfort and Style to Your Home Furniture Settings
19 days ago
Getting a home designed is one of the most challenging tasks. Finding the right furniture, and setting them to suit the style and mood of your rooms is undeniably art. While the furniture market today...
Things to Keep in Mind Before Refinishing Hardwood Floors
23 days ago
Scrutinise the entire flooring job. Take your time and make notes of any damages and issues. Do not hesitate to question the company if you are not satisfied. Make sure that any agreement in the contract is not breached.
Know About the Modern Trends in Interior Styling!
25 days ago
Ask any random being about their favourite place on this whole wide world—where they can be their own selves—the answer is probably going to be their respective homes. No matter where we are, we alway...