M. M.

A late 20-something, who enjoys being a wife, writing, cooking, baking, making coffee, and documenting much of what I eat.

Email: [email protected]il.com

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How to Use a Planner Effectively, Obtain Results, and Not Get Worn Out
11 days ago
I just want to say and start out in this way: this is my way of doing things. Surely, all our brains work differently, and some ideas will work and some won't. That's just how learning about ourselves...
Home: Taking Time to Decorate
13 days ago
Like all humans, I'm not a big fan of clutter in my own home. I definitely let it go sometimes and I'm staring at a pile of picture frames, laundry, pillows, or whatever for days at a time. Alas, I ha...
DIY: Making a Reading Nook
14 days ago
Anyone and everyone who has entered our house would come across this space and comment on this empty, weirdly-shaped area across from our fridge, yet in the depths of the kitchen by one of the courtya...