Maria Elena Delgado

English Major at ENMU in Portals, New Mexico.

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5 Ways to Reuse Mint Tins
5 months ago
I love buying mints, especially in tins. It feels so fancy. But then a problem arises. Do I throw away the tin or not? It feels like a shame to just throw it away for various reasons. For one, it feel...
Harry Potter Bookmarks
6 months ago
Love reading? Love Harry Potter? Need a new bookmark while you're rereading Harry Potter? Hate when the artwork on your handmade bookmarks gets smudged? This may be the DIY for you! I really like maki...
DIY Journal Decorating
6 months ago
So, I was skimming over an old journal I used to write poetry in during high school and started feeling nostalgic. This made me want to start keeping a poetry journal again so I bought a new, plain no...
Draught of Living Death DIY Potion
6 months ago
We've all wanted an owl to come swooping in with a Hogwarts acceptance letter right? Attend fun classes like Defense Against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration, and maybe... potions? This is an idea for a...