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10 Polymer Clay Artists to Follow and Learn from
4 days ago
I have made a lot of improvement since I started working with polymer clay ... but I'm still pretty new! Which is why I love to look at other artists and see what they are up to. A lot of them have bl...
'Good Luck' App - Scam or Legit?
a month ago
Good Luck by Luck Fun Co. Limited is the sister app to Lucky Day by Luck Day Entertainment, Inc. Due to the very similar logos, names and the app itself. I assumed that both apps were made by the same...
10 Legit Ways to Make Money Online
4 months ago
Everyone could use a little bit of extra pocket change.
10 Budget Making Tips
9 months ago
I wish I had enough money for a car, a house and heck why not a giant aquarium in my mansion...but I don't live in that fantasy reality. So right now I'm saving up for school so then maybe I can get a...
The Millennial's Guide to Making a Budget
a year ago
The time has come, I have my first full time job and keep buying stuff that are nice... but I don't really need. Or at least I am buying them too often. I have so much Ikea furniture on my wish list a...
How to Make a Silicone Mould for Just $5
a year ago
You can use these moulds for epoxy resin, polymer clay and even fondant!