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10 Budget Making Tips
4 months ago
I wish I had enough money for a car, a house and heck why not a giant aquarium in my mansion...but I don't live in that fantasy reality. So right now I'm saving up for school so then maybe I can get a...
The Millennial's Guide to Making a Budget
6 months ago
The time has come, I have my first full time job and keep buying stuff that are nice... but I don't really need. Or at least I am buying them too often. I have so much Ikea furniture on my wish list a...
How to Make a Silicone Mould for Just $5
9 months ago
You can use these moulds for epoxy resin, polymer clay and even fondant!
How to Have a Successful Garage Sale
10 months ago
So you're getting ready to have a garage sale? Not only that, but you are trying to have a successful one too. Good news! You have come to the right place to know exactly how to do that! I hope you do...
How to Cut Costs While Paint Pouring
10 months ago
I started paint pouring about a month ago, and oh my, was it expensive. I spent way too much money when I started and it wasn't even on good quality materials. They were simply just overpriced. Now I ...
10 Ways to Never Be Late Again
10 months ago
I have been having trouble showing up on time my whole life, I know that it is because of my ADHD, but I didn't always know this. People have hated me for being late and have never even once considere...