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How to Move out as a Teenager—Part Two
6 months ago
So here we are. Your friends have unloaded the last of your things from the boots of their chugging Peugeot cars, and the door clicks shut behind them. Alone, in a hallway of an unfamiliar house you c...
How to Move Out as a Teenager—What You Must Consider
7 months ago
I moved out of my family home at 18-years-old. I was not kicked out, but circumstances within the home became very difficult, to the point that I found that it was an impossible place to live. To do s...
Meals You Can Make in Under Four Minutes for the Lazy, Starved, and Students
a year ago
You come home from a long day of procrastinating, tired and famished with no motivation to do anything but obsessively watch Friends on Netflix, sadly engrossed in their lives to the point where you b...