Robert Kempster

Interests in helping others reach their goals, Financial Freedom, Debt Free Lifestyles, Real Estate, Marketing, Martial Arts, Tech, Gadgets, Movies,and Travel. Avid Learner/student.

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Need to Know the Top 10 Legal Ways to Make Money Fast in 2018?
7 months ago
Today, I am going to show you the top ten ways to make money fast in 2018. It is quite clear that if you are reading this post you want to learn how to make money fast and earn an online income as a side hustle. Now, before I go any further, if the word fast is the only reason you decided to read this, then you probably should move on to some pie-in-the-sky post—this post may not be for you. Otherwise, the word fast is relative to your effort and actions. Meaning if you are willing to put in hon...
Can You Imagine 10 Ways to Make Money from Your Phone?
8 months ago
Today's video shows you the top 10 ways to make money from your smartphone using android or iOS Apps. Be sure to hang on till the end as it will go through the list from bottom to the top. Best for last, as they say—though you need to watch the video all the way to see how you can make $$$ per day. It is amazing that there are more than 50 ways to make money using your smartphone. However, what is more surprising is the fact that only a few people are aware of this potential. Society has changed...