Sarah Russell

I blog about crafts and all things creative and write on here part time as well.


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What to Do Before You Even Start Your Blog
8 months ago
So maybe you've heard of blogging before. Writing about something you love, or anything in general really. Sounds interesting right? And you may be able to make money from it?! Count me in! But before...
Easy Cash Apps
a year ago
Money making apps. Is it really that simple? Okay, let’s be honest. How many times have you been on the internet, whether it be scrolling through Facebook or Instagram and seen an ad for a money-makin...
Coolest White Elephant Gift Ideas
2 years ago
Christmas is coming up! You know what that means? Family get togethers! Joy. If you mostly have adult's or older kids in attendance, chances are your family will be doing a white elephant gift exchang...
Free Money Apps?
2 years ago
I'm sure we've all seen ads for apps on the World Wide Web somewhere giving us enticing descriptions on how to win FREE MONEY straight from your mobile phone! Sounds great, right? It has to be too goo...