Shaking Bird

I'm an artist, an Aspie, a square peg in a world of round holes.  Tring to be kind and kind of strange, sometimes making progress, sometimes making a mess, but always trying to improve.

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Oil Painting: The Absolute Beginner's Supply List
4 months ago
So you're beginning to paint in oils. Yay! You're embarking on a marvelous adventure with one of the most forgiving, versatile, and historic mediums available. So far so good. But you're probably read...
Absolute Beginners: How to Clean Up After Painting in Oils
4 months ago
As a teenager, I struggled to teach myself how to paint with oils. Its various quirks and complexities outwitted my stubbornness and eventually overwhelmed me to the point where I swore them off compl...
5 Thrifty Artist Tools to Make Life Awesome
5 months ago
Wouldn't it be bliss if creating a masterpiece was as easy as picking up a brush and laying down paint? No cleanup, no mismatched eyes, no losing bristles, no losing patience. There was a time when I ...
Direct Painting: A How-To for Oils
5 months ago
So you want to learn about painting with oils. That ancient, noble craft passed down from the Rembrabdts and the Caravaggios of bygone days, and the Monets and Picassos, a medium so adept at capturing...