Stephanie Gladwell

Mother of two, educator of many. Teaches middle-school biology and chemistry. Always interested in exploring the unknown.

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Lifehacks That Will Save You Money on Bills
8 months ago
There's no need to pay outrageously priced bills. If you change a few habits now, you'll be well on your way to utilizing lifehacks that will save you money on bills without even realizing it, putting...
Kitchen Lifehacks That Will Save a Poorly Cooked Meal
9 months ago
You're in the kitchen stressing over the meal you're preparing for your guests. Behind the white noise of the oven, extractor fan, and simmering pots, you hear the hungry voices of guests (all of whom...
10 Must Know Pregnancy Lifehacks
a year ago
So, you are having a baby! Congratulations! You are preparing to bring a new life into this world. But you are also slowly realizing that there are all these things about being pregnant that nobody ev...
Easy DIY Art Projects
2 years ago
Not every person has artistic talent, and that's why sites like CakeWrecks exist. Simply put, there are some people out there who can turn a step-by-step Pinterest project into an unmitigated disaster...