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Hello all!  I'm the Tipsy Raven.  Sailor.  Philosopher. Survivor.  Adventurer.  Come hunt the horizon with me and chase the sunsets.

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DIY - Hand Washing of Laundry
24 days ago
The advent of the industrial age isn't in the grand scheme of things all that far back in our history as humanity. Frankly, there's large portions of the world that still haven't adopted the industrial age changes to how we manage first world challenges and tasks. When shrinking down to fit into an expat or traveler lifestyle, there's a great deal of amenity and luxury that we simply must sacrifice, but the needs those fulfill still exist. Let's just assume we don't have electricity, or even a g...
DIY - Homemade Dry Laundry Detergent
24 days ago
As my lifestyle swings further and further towards a radical self-reliance (even though a friend of mine insists there's nothing radical about self-reliance), it is obvious that additional consideration must be given to the things we take for granted in our lives. A sense of cleanliness and respectability are mandatory if one of the primary objectives is to mingle with the people of the world and seek their stories. It goes without saying that you cannot smell the scent of my active lifestyle th...