Tobias Gillot

3 Steps to Take to Successfully Remodel Your Home
5 months ago
Home renovations can be costly and time-consuming, and they can throw your life into disarray until they’re completed. The secret to reducing stress during a remodel is to prepare beforehand so you kn...
Tips for Hosting Your Next Great Event
6 months ago
Get-togethers can be fun, no matter the occasion. But if you know the right secrets to throw an event, you can make it even better. It’s not all about the food, although that can be important. And the...
Your Life, Your Personality, and Your Home's Decor
6 months ago
Your home is a reflection of your personality and your values—or, at least, it should be. When we don't feel in control of our spaces, it's easy to get stressed out. But when we over-design our spaces...
How to Fix Your Leaky Hose Bib
6 months ago
At one time or other, we’ve all been assaulted by an errant spray of water from a leaky hose. You go to turn on the faucet and it seems like half the water goes shooting out from around the connection...