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Bathroom Trends that Will Be Huge in 2019! Take Notes!

The bathroom is a place where you get ready for the day, groom yourself, take care of yourself, pamper yourself, as well as get ready to hit the bed at night.

The bathroom is such a place where you could let go, escape, relax, and feel utmost comfort. It’s basically your sanctuary. You should definitely consider making your bathroom a getaway from the stresses and pressures of life. All you should do after returning home from a long tiring day at work is to turn on that warm water tap, and enjoy a long hot shower, or a relaxing bubble bath. Doesn’t that sound lovely? (And enticing too?) Yes! it does! And a greatly designed bathroom shall make it feel more personal, more comfortable, and more inviting. So, let’s help you to make your bathroom one of the best spaces in your home, shall we?

The bathroom is a place where you get ready for the day, groom yourself, take care of yourself, pamper yourself, as well as get ready to hit the bed at night. It’s basically the place where you maintain your looks, and uplift your confidence. So, 2019 has ushered in loads of new and unique ideas for bathroom remodeling. Each of these trends are stylish yet functional. Incorporating these trends will make your bathroom exactly like you want, and keep up with the happening trends of this year. So, if you are seeking for a bathroom remodeling, now is the perfect time to give your bathroom a facelift. So, call over efficient services for your bathroom renovations in Sydney like Pinnacle Constructions and Design, and turn your bathroom dreams into reality. They are specialised to deliver premium quality bathroom remodeling services in the most cost-effective ways.

Top bathroom trends for the year.

The bathroom is an example of your own private space, where you get the chance to relax and retreat. So, you have to ensure that this space is designed to offer you utmost comfort. Bathroom remodeling and painting services in Sydney will help you to enhance the adequacy of the room, and keep up to the newest design trends in the market. It’s time to give your boring bathroom a makeover soon. So, whether you are considering selling off your home, or just want an exclusive, tranquil space to relax in, here are the top bathroom trends of the year that are sure to win you over:

  • Big ceramic tiles: If you have gone through any of the top interior design magazines lately, you would have noticed the focus is on large ceramic tiles. These are being extensively used on the floor, showers, bathtubs, and even up on the walls. Ceramic tiles help to make small places appear big, and are quite affordable too.
  • Vanity with storage: We are sure that each one of you out there is after the same big goal, i.e. to achieve storage space. Open shelving is escalating to be a thing of the past, since hiding clutter is the need of the hour. Make sure to get yourself a vanity with loads of storage space to store essentials like your toothbrush holder, soap dish, as well as your grooming products like hair straighteners, beard trimmers, etc.
  • Return of gold fixtures: Gold and brass fixtures had been out of the style radar for quite some time. But, gold fixtures are making a comeback, and how! They are losing their reputation as something tacky and overboard, and regaining love as something cool, sophisticated, warm, and luxurious.
  • Curbless showers: A curbless shower entry not only makes the bathroom look clean and sleek, but it makes the whole showering process quite easy. There’s no difficulty getting in and out of showers with a curb that blocks the entry along with a risk of falling. So, 2019 is all about a safe and risk-less curb free shower.

So, now is the perfect time to take your bathroom from dull to delightful. You just can’t go wrong with these hot trends of the year. Hire a great professional, and work together to create the bathroom of your dreams. 

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Bathroom Trends that Will Be Huge in 2019! Take Notes!
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