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Best Safes for Your Home

Biometrics, fireproof and waterproof, too heavy to move, or portable; these are just some of the considerations of the best safes for your home.

I've got a lot of heirlooms that my family left me that I didn't lose in the divorce. Plus, I've got a lot of precious videos and photos of my son Jarret, and a few other memories (I played minor league baseball for a while). I don't want anything bad happening to those things, so I need to buy a safe! Especially since I Airbnb, the spare bedroom and the neighboorhood I live in has had the occasional break-in (there was a murder outside my apartment before I moved in!). 

I want one of the best safes for your home, but I also don't want to spend so much money that I have to eat less food that month to make up for it. And, yes, there have been months where I've had to eat less food to make up for the money I've spent on purchases; I have to pay child support!  

AdirOffice Security Safe with Digital Lock

This is one of the best safes for your home if you're looking for a cabinet you can lock. It's not fireproof and it's not going to keep pros out, but if you're worried your Airbnb has sticky fingers, this'll keep their paws off your goodies. But if you're going to spend nearly $200, then I think you might as well go all out and get something fireproof. But a lot of people don't care about safes being fire or waterproof. 

SentrySafe Fire Resistant and Water Resistant Safe

This is a no foolin' safe! If your cat set your house on fire, this safe will survive the fire, being sprayed with water, and even falling 15 feet through the floor. That makes this one of the best safes for your home. You're taking the risk, however, of being 1/5th of reviewers who ended up with a faulty unit. That's more than an aberration!

Taking a risk when it comes to the safe you buy seems to fly in the face of actually owning a safe. You might as well not buy one if you're that comfortable! But if you're going to go for it this model, it's likely to survive a lot of disasters. 

My concern, though, is that this safe wouldn't survive being shot at with a shotgun or being banged up with a sledgehammer. I don't think I need to worry about those things, but if just paying a little more means getting those features then I'd pay more. I'm only ever going to buy one safe!

Steelwater Heavy Duty Safe

Wow. I guess it costs $700 more to be gun fire and explosion proof safe. This looks like one of the best safes for your home! It's also one of the best gun safes around, but you can keep things other than guns in it for sure. I'd have spend two months eating nothing but protein powder, cottage cheese, and Nespressos at work just to afford it! But this safe really can survive it all. Honestly, it's too much money for me personally. Who am I to worry about having a safe that can survive gunfire or explosions?! Maybe a possible gun control solution is to just hide in this safe. 

First Alert Waterproof and Fire-Resistant Digital Safe

This looks like one of the best safes for your home because it's fireproof and waterproof, but, again, it also has far too many negative reviews! Who would have thought that it's so hard to find a good safe?! I'm willing to settle for fire, waterproof, and something that's hard to move around.

This safe is apparently bad for paper, which is bad for me since I have a lot of paper to store—newspaper clippings of when I used to play minor league baseball and photos of me, Jarret, and my ex doing amusement park rides. I have four different photos of us doing four different log flumes!  This safe would ruin that because a few reviewers mentioned that sometimes this safe just fills with weird liquid! This feels like the opposite of a safe. It's an unsafe! But if you're in a region that doesn't get humid, it sounds like you should be okay. 

MonsterVault Underbed Safe

This is one of the best safes for your home because you can hide it under your bed! But it's expensive, so I'd have to miss a lot of meals to pay for it. Also, it's not water or fire resistant, so I wouldn't even call it a safe. I'd just call it an expensive, heavy metal box. And who needs one of those?! But if you're just looking for a way to hide stuff and hide what you're hiding your stuff in, then this is a good choice. It's too bad more safes aren't this shape!

First Alert Fire and Water Safe

At this point I'm willing to settle for a fire and water resistant safe that's affordable and call it a day. That would make this one of the best safes for your home for me. I can buy a padlock, a chain, and connect this medium size safe to something that can't just be carried away, like the pipes under my sink or the frame of my bed!

SentrySafe Security Safe

This is a good sized safe and a lot of people bought it, but it's not fire or waterproof. So, I'm not sure what explains the popularity of this item other than its size and its price. I guess people are just more concerned with theft than with fire. If theft is your main issue, then this is a good pick because it's a big safe that's affordable and easy to open. At least if there's a flood, all the best waterproof gadgets you have stored in there will survive and won't float away.

This may be one of the best safes for your home if your primary concern is deterring theft based on appearances, but since you can bolt this to the floor and it's neither fire nor water resistant, it's actually a death trap for your belongings! And in the panic of a fire or storm I'm probably not going to remember I have a safe or what the combo is (my son's birthday). However, fire and water excluded, this is a solid pick that's super affordable. And maybe fire and waterproofing isn't a big deal. I don't know anyone who's had their house go up in flames!

Verifi Smart Safe

Reviewers boast about having an effortless experience setting up this fingerprint reading safe. You can get stuff in and out of the safe without much hassle because it's a biometric safe. But, again, it's not fire or waterproof! I don't need to worry about getting stuff in or out fast if this safe is fireproof because I can just let it go up in flames. 

Unless I need to flee the country ASAP, I'm fine with a safe that takes a little bit longer to open. And if I need to flee the country but don't have the presence of mind to open the safe then, guess what, I'm going to have a hard time getting out of the country! This safe has a lot of good reviews, though, and it's a good size. So, really, it all just boils down to your priorities. 

Hollon Safe Fireproof Security Safe

This safe has it all! And all the negative reviews are about cosmetic damage as opposed to a faulty unit. Fireproof, waterproof, and you can bolt it down. The price is right so I won't have to skip on any meals when I order this! This may actually be one of the best safes for your home.  Finally, a place to keep the one gold bar I have! I've been keeping it in the tank of my toilette. It's going to pay for Jarret's college tuition! 

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Best Safes for Your Home
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