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Can You Imagine 10 Ways to Make Money from Your Phone?

Do you think you might be able to spare 2 hours a day? Especially when you do not require any sign up money!

There is no reason for anyone to struggle so hard these days - knowledge is power.

Today's video shows you the top 10 ways to make money from your smartphone using android or iOS Apps. Be sure to hang on till the end as it will go through the list from bottom to the top. Best for last, as they say—though you need to watch the video all the way to see how you can make $$$ per day.  

It is amazing that there are more than 50 ways to make money using your smartphone. However, what is more surprising is the fact that only a few people are aware of this potential. 

Society has changed a lot, but we the people are yet to become aware of it, not to talk about catching up. Hope this helps to awaken some of us.

In case this is your first time here, my name is Robert Kempster with Debt Free Lifestyles and am happy you are here.

If you are interested in making money online, building an online business, paying off your debts, and building a better life, be sure to subscribe, so you will receive notice of new videos for more valuable content.

I have dropped the links below [at the end of the post] if you will like to get started with any of these opportunities.

If you like the content am sharing with you in this video, be sure to hit the like button on the video— I sure will appreciate it and it inspires me to bring you great content and value.

Now, let's dig into this:

  • InboxDollars - This has been around for a while now and is one of the big ones. It offers a big variety of ways to make money and pays a $5 signup bonus once you set up your account. You also make 10% of every dollar that your referrals make, with the added advantage of being paid cash.
  • GigWalk - $50 per day average, no reference to referral commissions
  • PerkTv - $50 per day average, pays $3 per referral
  • Mobee - $25 per day average, $3 per referral
  • AppTrailer/Appredeem - $25 per day average, $10 per referral—part of the PerkTV family.
  • Shopkick - $75 per day and very strong prospects for more, $2.50 per referral. 
  • Ebates - $25 per day average, $25 per referral commission offers a chance to make a very good overall average
  • Foap - $75+ per day, no reference to referral commissions
  • SwagBucks has paid over $276 million USD to date and is probably the most robust way to make money from your phone. You have the option to download and use their Apps to earn from your phone and/or visit their website on your computer. You can add your credit cards to earn money every time you dine out or shop certain restaurants or outlets. You can search the web and earn. You can earn from watching videos, you earn from anyone you refer. Swagbucks also pays you every time you shop most of your favorite stores online. I signed in when I was drafting this video topic and discovered there was money in my SB account. There are many options for redeeming your earnings.
  • Mindswarms – Pays about $50 for 10 minutes of video survey response on the average. Sometimes the survey could be as high as $200. The main plus for this is that it pays to your Paypal account.

I hope you have found value in today's video on the Top 10 ways to make money from your phone. You will always find my #1 recommendation to make money online at the top of the description. Just a final reminder to watch the video in its entirety, subscribe, and be sure to hit the bell after subscribing. I will see you soon. 

Here are the links to the sites reviewed in the video:

  1. InboxDollars
  2. GigWalk
  3. PerkTv
  4. Mobee
  5. Apptrailer/AppRedeem
  6. Shopkick
  7. Ebates
  8. Foap
  9. Swagbucks
  10. Mindswarms
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Can You Imagine 10 Ways to Make Money from Your Phone?
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