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Cheap Ways to Organize Your Apartment

Looking for cute but cheap ways to organize your apartment? We got you covered...

Having an apartment can be a ton of fun, but only if you end up keeping it clean and organized enough to find your things. I ought to know, my last apartment was only enjoyable when I was able to figure out where I put everything. 

We focus too heavily on decorating with home decor, but not enough on actually figuring out how to store things well. If you recently splurged on awesomely colorful kitchen tools or something similar, don't fret. These cheap ways to organize your apartment will keep things in order, without breaking the bank. 

Cable Organizer Clips by Kirkland

These cute cable organizer clips will ensure that your wires are never out of place, and that clutter on your desk is kept at bay. Organize by color, by type, or just to keep cords out of place. How to use them is up to you—but it's still undeniable that they are incredibly cheap ways to organize your apartment office. 

Wall-Mounted Mail and Key Rack by Real Simple

Retro in that cute, old-school way, this wall-mounted mail and key rack is one of the easiest cheap ways to organize your apartment. Losing your keys will be a thing of the past, as long as you have this right next to your door. 

Its sleek, stylish design makes this a perfectly stately way to organize your foyer, or upgrade your office's Feng Shui. Surprisingly, this number is way more affordable than it looks, clocking in at under $30. 

Acrylic Cosmetics Makeup Case by Sorbus

Acrylic makeup cases have been a top choice for professional makeup artists, and that's mostly because they are such easy organizers. You can see where everything is, and it's perfect for odds and ends that don't quite fit anywhere else. 

Now, thanks to the internet, they're also some of the best cute but cheap ways to organize your apartment. This organizer has enough space for all of your daily use items, plus that one tweezer you use for stray brow hairs. 

Bedside Essentials Pocket by Uncommon Goods

You'd never guess Uncommon Goods to have any cheap ways to organize your apartment, but here we are! This felt folder is meant to hold all your bedside essentials with ease — and it looks so snuggly, too. It's big enough to hold your glasses, your book, a magazine, and a tablet, too!

If you deal with small rooms and need to maximize every inch of space, you'll find this pocket to be surprisingly useful. It's also great if you are looking to just, you know, not leave your bed. 

Takeout Box Laundry Hamper by ThinkGeek

No one said that cheap items had to give up style, right? ThinkGeek's awesome laundry hamper looks pricey, but is actually really affordable. This laundry hamper is about two feet tall, is as stylish as can be, and also manages to be surprisingly easy to clean. 

Of all the cheap ways to organize your apartment, getting your clothes off the floor will probably prove to be the most effective. (I say this from personal experience; you'll thank me when you see your floor.)

Kitchen Utensil Holder by Totally Bamboo

Now, we know you probably bought brightly colored, beautiful spatulas for your home. Now, you're gonna need a way to organize them all. This kitchen utensil holder from Totally Bamboo has got you covere, and it's impressively pretty. 

Made of genuine bamboo and environmentally-friendly, this kitchen utensil holder is perfect for homes that have that zen-but-cute vibe to them. You need to find cheap ways to organize your apartment, so why not add a touch of class?

Cork Cactus Organizer by Uncommon Goods

Why have a corkboard when you can have a cork cactus? This adorable little feller will help you organize your thoughts, while looking cute as can be on your desk. At around $15, this desk organizer is definitely one of the cheaper ways to tidy up your place and one of the coolest office gadgets you never knew you needed. 

Desktop Charging Station by Good Useful Stuff

G.U.S., or Good Useful Stuff, is one of the most popular desk organizer companies out there. This particular product lives up to its name by providing you with up to four different charging stations, that you can use to power up your phones, FitBits, cameras, and smartwatches. 

Surprisingly, this also fits under the category of cheap ways to organize your apartment, too. This incredibly useful desk organizer and charging station costs under $40, but will give you years of use. 

ClosetMax Storage System by Neatfreak

neatfreak closetMAX Storage System
Closet organizers at Kohl's - Get rid of closet clutter with help from this neatfreak closetMAX storage system.

Ever wanted to triple your closet space? Well, this is one of the best cheap ways to organize your apartment, while getting the closet space you've been lusting over. This system by Neatfreak comes with all the equipment you need to maximize the amount of space you get from your closet. 

Just store your clothing vertically (erm, horizontally?), and you'll find more space than ever before...for whatever you need.

Prisma Accessory Organizer by Umbra

Umbra Prisma Accessory Organizer
Perfect for the fashionista in your life, this Prisma organizer from Umbra will help keep jewelry and accessories organized.

Last, but not least, is the Umbra Prisma Accessory Organizer, one of the coolest cheap ways to organize your apartment, and your jewelry collection. Just hang jewelry off the unique prism design, and store rings at the bottom. 

Your jewelry will look like a work of art—and so will your desktop! At only $15, there's no reason not to get this for your home, unless you just don't wear jewelry. 

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Cheap Ways to Organize Your Apartment
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