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Checkout 51 App Review

Cash Back App Review

Game Changer For Money Back On Groceries

It really is amazing in 2019 to see how far applications have come for most cellular devices and tablets. I did find a decent app to actually make me and my family benefit from downloading and using it. The best part is the app actually does pay out once you reach $20. At this point I am well over the minimum threshold by about $60. The installation and set up only take a few minutes and you can start racking up your cash with your first purchase of a listed product from a grocery store. Even referrals actually pay you $10, once the person that referred you uploads their first receipt, crazy easy. Now, here is one downside for people who enjoy their privacy. The downside is the receipt will show location and date, however the transaction of credit/debit/visa is limited to the last four numbers. I understand privacy is important and this is really a choice you would make, however myself and others I know of are not too concerned. This is more of a bonus income for people that make a game of getting their best values. If you were to combine coupons and sales and price matching as well as uploading the receipt for bonus cash back on the app, it's a win win. 

The app is called Checkout 51 and another for United States only is Ibotta.  My recommendation is four stars out of five. The reason for four is because of the minimum threshold for withdrawal. Withdrawal at this moment is by cheque. This is also a good thing, I feel, because what we do now is continue to add up our savings and use this for New Years and Christmas. Nothing better than getting a four hundred dollar cheque in the mail from all your savings for the year. The number of items offered varies every two weeks. Some items linger and new items become available. The bigger cash back items on Checkout 51 are diapers, laundry detergents, fabric softeners, toilet paper, not to mention coffee, wines, and liquors. Some offers are store specific like Walmart etc. Our household uses Checkout 51 weekly in conjunction with flyers, coupons, other grocery-finding apps for sales. Manufacture mail in rebates also work to give you maximum savings on your household needs. We also like to check for door crashers. By door crashers I mean buggies at the entrance as you walk in with marked down prices on certain items. Once you try checkout 51 and start adding up your balance it becomes difficult to not look for a way to rack up your cash account. We like to let our cash account ride until the Winter Holiday Season. Checkout 51 hosts several incentives during November and December. The reason why this is so effective is due to the everyday needs of most households. Earlier I mentioned privacy as an issue. Think about this for a moment. How are you supposed to be able to be competitive on your monthly bills? The Hydro and gas companies, as well as mortgage and banking institutions know almost everything about your life, I mean financially and demographically. In this new age of electronics and high speed efficiency it can become difficult to ensure 100 percent privacy, my thoughts anyhow. Hope you had enjoyed this review and will decide to try this app. Yes nothing is perfect, however Checkout 51 can and will put some extra money in your cash account. Happy Shopping everyone.